How much you need to exercise to live Longer

If suddenly idle conversation raise the issue, and if physical activity is useful, we can only sniff, hitting the questioner mindedness, and to order to appeal to ancient philosophy, quoting Aristotle “movement – that’s life.” Yes, exercise can in some sense replace drugs reduce the risk of disease and premature death.

But if on medication to prescribe, which stipulates how regularly and how much to take it, to exercise the same strict orders were not applied. The debate and research on this topic in the medical community have led to the golden mean of 150 minutes per week, slightly more than willing to spend an average inhabitant of the planet, but at the same time smaller than we suspected.

How much you need to exercise to live longer

Issues on the agenda

However, several themes remain open to scholars. Among other things, the question arose of how to understand the value – as the minimum time or the ideal number? There were also suspicions, not fraught with any violation of the rules deteriorating state of health, and whether there are exercises that are more or less effective with respect to each other. And it seems that two recent studies have exhausted these subjects.

How much you need to exercise to live longer

The American experiment

US National Cancer Institute, Harvard University and a few other large institutions have processed the information obtained in the course of the six major medical examination, about what makes up a complex exercise subjects, and related results with data on more than 661,000 people in middle and old age. Then they broke into groups of people, one of the members who do not do exercise at all, while in others – given this various times and did so with varying degrees of intensity.

How much you need to exercise to live longer

14 years after the start of the experiment, it was found that the fully passive group was much more at risk of early death, which, in general, is not surprising. Members of the group that made at least some gestures that are different from everyday lowest, 20 percent improved their chances of a long life.Those who kept himself in the strict framework of the “150 minutes a week,” increased the likelihood to live longer than the first group by 31 percent. But then, to the joyful surprise of scientists, followed by a light gap Template group that daily training paid just over an hour, giving a total of 450 minutes per week reduced the possibility of its early death by 39 percent. And at that point graph of the results I entered the flat phase: increased training time, and the chances of a long life – no longer exists, but the early death of the increase in load is also not turned.

How much you need to exercise to live longer

The Australian experiment

In a similar vein to study the issue and Australia. Local researchers gathered a group of 200 thousand adults and had a survey, how much time they devote an active lifestyle, and graded these activities by the degree of vigor (eg jogging and football at times more resource-intensive than walking tour and cricket respectively). As in the previous experiment, Australian researchers looked at mortality statistics: the risk of dying young was lower among those who followed the recommendations for the length of training, even if it was just walking.

How much you need to exercise to live longer

Further focus was on followers vigorous sports. Those who have a third of their weekly schedule fiznagruzok gave for team sports, the chance to live longer increased by only 9 percent, compared with those who spent on training the same amount of time, but obediently complied with all regulations. But those who are thrown out of the sweat buckets more than a third of their training time, raised the chances of dying later, to 13 percent relative to the quieter subjects. Increased mortality was observed, even among those who are plunged into purely a grueling workout.

How much you need to exercise to live longer


Either way, you must keep in mind that these studies have excluded many other factors that play a role in longevity and give only reason to be confident that the exercise will definitely have a relationship with longevity, but not that they regulate it directly.

How much you need to exercise to live longer


But in pure balance we have the following conclusion in which there is no doubt: 150 minutes of exercise, and 20-30 minutes of vigorous sports per week should be the best regime for any physically full man, and goes beyond it does not threaten to send you to the next world.

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