Platform 1346 |Historic train wagon used kitchen car for U.S. Army in WWII

1942 army train car used in WWII gains a new life as a beautiful tiny home

Converting buses to small accommodation is something usual. However, it is not the case with train wagons, although they are more comfortable.

Wagon “1346” now has another value of use in a forest in Mount Humen, in Merville, Tennessee, as a small house.

It has been used in the past for various transports, mainly using it as a kitchen and as a military restaurant. In 1942, when it was used to prepare the meals of the troops that were transported to the East Coast to board ships destined for Europe.

The wagon continued to be used for this purpose throughout the war and several years later, until it was retired in 1955. In the 1970s, during the Cold War, when it served as a mobile vehicle for the Strategic Air Command.

The historic wagon was also used to transport large computers and communication equipment until 1988 when … officially dismissed by the army.

After being put up for sale in an auction in 2005, it was bought by a retired soldier and taken to Mervey.

It has remained unused for several years, but its new owners have decided to repair it and turn it into a small cottage.

Platform 1346 |Historic train wagon used kitchen car for U.S. Army in WWII


The family found most of the materials for second-hand refurbishment and after eight months of interior and plumbing and electrical installation, the nearly 80-year-old train started a new life.

It is set within six acres of pristine forestland, and is a beautiful retreat to enjoy the idyllic setting. Inside, the floors are hardwood and many large windows flood the area with natural light and provide stunning views.

The house can comfortably accommodate four people, with a comfortable bed, sofas, a large living room and a fully equipped kitchen.

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