Europe’s abandoned cooling towers

Traveling around Europe, Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde explore the bottom of the abandoned cooling towers and finds there the theatrical stage. He said

‘One thing that fascinates me is the fact that not a single cooling tower is the same. Each and every one of them has a unique interior design and build. They all look the same from the exterior, but with each visit to a new cooling tower I’m always surprised by a different interior, time and time again.

Europe's abandoned cooling towers

France. The view from the bottom of this cooling tower resembles a blockbuster plot, when a UFO lands on Earth.
The abandoned tower looks like a scenery for a sci-fi movie.
Luxembourg. A cooling tower with an unusual design of water distribution pipelines.
Germany. At a 15-meter height, this installation for processing water into steam looks like an altar.
France. The flooded cooling tower is waiting for repair.
Belgium. The architectural elements of this tower can be used to film the “Star Wars”. View from the bottom.
Belgium. Booth in the middle of a deserted and overgrown fern cooling tower.
Italy. The generator of water and steam is located in the middle of a thousand metal plates.
United Kingdom. The pillars of the abandoned tower were covered with moss and algae.
Belgium. Winter Wonderland: the first snow sweeps the bottom of an abandoned tower.
France. Four engines in the center of the tower are in standby mode.
Belgium. Another type of circular cooling system inside an abandoned tower.
Road to nowhere: because of the warm moist air that rises from the center, nothing inside the tower can be disassembled.
Germany. The height of the cooling tower is 150 meters.
France. View from inside the cooling tower, prepared for maintenance.
France. Staircase, forgotten by workers after maintenance.
Germany. Matrix patterns on the walls of an abandoned tower.
Belgium. Snow on the inner mechanisms of the cooling tower.
Belgium. Warm moist air rises from the central compartment of the working cooling tower.

Source — Dailymail


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