Rodrigo Alves after 58 Surgery

The Brazilian Rodrigo Alves has a very interesting life story. Briefly it can be described in one sentence: “What is fanaticism and how to deal with it.” Probably, in his childhood he revised the Disney cartoons or his parents gave him too many Barbie and Ken. Growing up, the man decided to turn himself into a living doll. He has done many experiments with his body.

Rodrigo suffered from plus 50 plastic surgeries for seventeen long years. Rodrigo Alves has treated with 42 operations to look like ‘Barbie’s Ken’. Rodrigo has operated ten nose jobs, appropriate  butt lift, silicone chest implanting, no 6 pack he has eight pack abs and hair implants. “Rodrigo Alves is a Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves is known for his plastic surgeries and massive changing of his body style. For what? Now he is exactly like his plastic idol. But everything is in order.

Rodrigo Alves after 58 plastic surgery

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Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups into Incredible Works of Art

Latte Art is the art of fresh milk poured into a cup of coffee to create drawings on the coffee surface. Pictures of delicious Latte or Cappuccino coffee with beautiful texture may not be unfamiliar to young people today. To create such a product requires the bartender to have great ingenuity, meticulous and creative ability.

Putting aside traditional black and white patterns, Korean artist Lee Kang Bin demonstrated his amazing skills and creativity, making this art beast truly raised to a point. New high

Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups of Barista Cafe into Incredible Works of Art

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10 Worlds Largest Clocks

People around the world are increasingly looking at the clock, not to miss an important point. Time – that is what seems to be starting to go faster on the eve of any event or important work, but speed never change of these ten dials of the clock  … never change the size of time.

10. Colgate Clock, Indiana, United States

The world's largest clocks, and where to find them

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Art Herbarium — The nature in flowering portraits of mothers and daughters

Chicago-based mother-daughter duo Vicki and Brooke Rawlins are the founder of Sister Golden, an online boutique. The inspiration that they draw on a daily basis of all that surrounds them. Just walking around the neighborhood, they are gaining dry twigs, leaves, petals, buds – all that may seem normal trash. But this is not just a Herbarium, is an art, but also the most environmentally friendly for mom and daughter duo. All that goes into the bag with the Herbarium, becomes a part of their amazing portraits in which they embody portraits of Mother Nature itself.

Art Herbarium — The nature in flowering portraits of mothers and daughters

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The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

The amazing and nowhere who had taken a giant crop circles – one of the unsolved mysteries of the present day. Someone explained to them the appearance of “squinting demons”, someone – an alien intervention. They can appear for the night and did not give rest for centuries.

The most famous mysterious crop circles in the History

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Padua center is home of about 200 different species of silkworms

This is an amazing creation, which has a hidden talent. It was worn by the emperors, they were paid, fought for it. Silk – the most expensive cloth in the history of mankind. The origin of this gentle sliding material shall little caterpillar – silkworm, who lives in East Asia. Initially silk production secret was known only in China, today silk industry is spread all over the world. On one of the modern factory for the breeding of silkworms visited Italian photographer Alessandro Bianchi.

Padua center is home to about 200 different species of silkworms

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Sensational Black and White Tattoo By Kamil Czapiga

Polish tattoo artist  Kamil Czapig is inspired by antique prints and designed in black and white has achieved amazing things with tattoos. Various print of Animals or the wider work style illustration using with tattoo geometric shapes and human organs content tattoos designs.

Sensational Black and White Tattoo By Kamil Czapiga

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Photo Manipulation by Logan Zillmer

Today I want to introduce the impressive work of 28-year-old American photographer Logan Zillmer from the town of Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA). Processing your images in Photoshop, the author creates amazing photo manipulation, like illustrations to a world of fantasy.

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The artist combines photos of celebrities to get the perfect image

Photographer Pedro Berg Johnsen, using Photoshop, create the perfect appearance of the person. For this, he just combines two shots of celebrities and gets perfection with features the most beautiful people on the planet. The results of his work are amazing!

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox

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10 Trees, A Nature’s Reality Is Hard To Believe

Our planet is full amazing things, and it is very hard to believe when we see some thing new or unseen. Many plants and tree’s are unseen for us, or but some tress we want to see again and again. Sometimes these are look like a scenery of some exotic place, and it seems that the artist painted it. Our earthly nature is still unsurpassed artist!