The beauty of abandoned buildings

For the boarded-up windows and warning signs “Passage closed” is often hidden world, which is slowly absorbed by nature. The last 5 years of a photographer from London Rebecca Bathory spent traveling the world in search of the most beautiful abandoned buildings.

The beauty of abandoned buildings

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10 Worlds Largest Clocks

People around the world are increasingly looking at the clock, not to miss an important point. Time – that is what seems to be starting to go faster on the eve of any event or important work, but speed never change of these ten dials of the clock  … never change the size of time.

10. Colgate Clock, Indiana, United States

The world's largest clocks, and where to find them

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The most expensive coffee in the world

Every true coffee lover, if not tried, then at least heard of the world-famous, Indonesian luwak coffee.

Which only epithets did not award the coffee producers and sellers, “the most prestigious in the world”, “elite”, “premium”, “gods drink”, the taste of his “extremely soft”, “caramel”, “with a delicate aroma of vanilla and chocolate “, and so on and so forth.

The most expensive coffee in the world

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9 Most Expensive Cities In The World

Each year, the research unit of The Economist publishes two reports – of the most expensive and cheapest cities to live in the world. The first report, which is called the Worldwide Cost of Living, considered factors such as the price of food, fuel and income levels. Due to the strengthening of the US dollar and the devaluation of national currencies of other countries in the rankings this year, one can observe a major change compared with the previous report. Before you – the nine most expensive cities to live in the world.

9. Seoul, South Korea

Most Expensive Cities In The World

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The world’s most unusual pools

Monitor your health – not only easy, but also enjoyable. If you want to strengthen the immune system, lose weight and improve their health, not necessarily to torture yourself in the gym or running in the morning.Remember how you loved to splash in the water as a child. It does not matter whether the bathroom with ducks, a river in the village or the clear blue sea. Water always gives a lot of positive emotions and helps to improve their health.

Doctors around the world acknowledge that diving has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Especially useful it is for correction. Water aerobics is considered more effective than usual. When driving in water, activated more muscle groups, so the impact on the figure has more uniform character. Because of the water formed in proportion to the figure.

1. Hotel “Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort”, Bali, Indonesia.

Hotel "Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort", Bali, Indonesia.

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Winners of Beauty Contest and in Everyday Life

Every year in the world there are numerous beauty contests, both national and international scale, and the winners are the best and most interesting, according to the jury. The choice of the jury members, however, are often disputed by many who believe that among the contestants were more worthy female candidates the title of “the most beautiful woman.” And we suggest you evaluate the winners of various competitions of beauty, looking at their photos taken on the podium and in everyday life.

Paulina Vega (Colombia)

Miss Universe 2014

Paulina Vega (Colombia) Miss Universe 2014

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Padua center is home of about 200 different species of silkworms

This is an amazing creation, which has a hidden talent. It was worn by the emperors, they were paid, fought for it. Silk – the most expensive cloth in the history of mankind. The origin of this gentle sliding material shall little caterpillar – silkworm, who lives in East Asia. Initially silk production secret was known only in China, today silk industry is spread all over the world. On one of the modern factory for the breeding of silkworms visited Italian photographer Alessandro Bianchi.

Padua center is home to about 200 different species of silkworms

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Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

Italian architect and digital artist, Laurent Rosset enjoys edit photos taking them to the side of surrealism and exciting confusion. In his works, roads, avenues, mountains and fields they bend themselves into great waves that threaten those who wander strange places. His images generated estrangement and fascination at the same time. Like dreams.

Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

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