Topiary Trees of San Francisco by Kelsey McClellan

Walking around the neighborhood of San Francisco, namely in the Outer Sunset area, photographer Kelsey McClellan is always surprised by the unusual form of foliage in the trees of neighboring yards . Carefully processed crown of some trees forms round and neat piles of thick foliage scattered throughout all branches. Others have a spiral shape, from which the plant seems like a huge green ice cream.

Each tree has an original and unique “haircut” and from this the area turns into a fabulous place , reminiscent of the works of the American children’s writer Dr. Seuss.

Topiary Trees of San Francisco by Kelsey McClellan

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Nyakim Gatwech | The Queen of Dark, South Sudanese Model

24-year-old South Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech, which teaches people not to be afraid of the dark. With his deeply pigmented skin and purposeful determination, it breaks down the barriers of traditional beauty and encourages others to do the same.

Nyakim Gatwech | The Queen of Dark, South Sudanese Model

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The Unique Kabayan Fire Mummies

Mummification – Relatively well-studied ancient rite preservation of dead bodies – mostly we associate with the embalmed Egyptian mummies. However, remarkably well-preserved remains found in the Philippines, have shed light on the existence of both types of mummies – fire. Uniqueness fire Kabayan mummies that, unlike most antiquities they are still located in the natural environment. Caves, keeping them secret, have been repeatedly looted and is now considered to be the place endangered.


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The Americans are going to eat insects

The American Wayne University in Detroit, held a conference “Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed”, which explored the possibility of using local insects for food. There have been presented freeze-dried crickets, locusts, meal-worms and other edible products of insects. Organizers of pleasure ate these foods and showed it to visitors.

Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed

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Sasyk Sivash – the largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea

Lake Sasyk Siwash – is the largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea, Ukraine, near the city of Yevpatoria. The lake is very shallow, its average depth is 0.5 m and the maximum – 1.2 m. It was established salt mining like pink sea, which is very much appreciated in the West. How to extract the salt, look on.

Sasyk Sivash - The largest lake and salt lake in the Crimea

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Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

Italian architect and digital artist, Laurent Rosset enjoys edit photos taking them to the side of surrealism and exciting confusion. In his works, roads, avenues, mountains and fields they bend themselves into great waves that threaten those who wander strange places. His images generated estrangement and fascination at the same time. Like dreams.

Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

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800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria?

Archaeologists working in the Austrian town of Fuschl am See near Salzburg, found a unique artifact of the XIII century, resembles a mobile phone. Researchers still find it difficult to determine the true purpose of the 800-year-old subject, but Web users do not hesitate to put forward the most ambitious version.

800-Year-Old Mobile Phone Found In Austria?


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A unique natural phenomenon, The wave clouds on Florida beach

Here are the remarkable photos snapped by pilot JR Hott, from Panhandle Helicopters, as he flew over a fog-swamped beach in Florida. The white stuff engulfed an entire row of tall condos which line the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach, giving the stunning impression of tsunami-style waves.

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Dronestagram Photo Contest 2015

This unique perspective (above) is neither bird’s eye view nor man’s, but is the mechanical and precise vantage point of a machine, a drone. It is the winning photograph in this year’s International Drone Photography Contest which is organised by drone-only social networking site (yes, really) Dronestagram.

Dronestagram Photo Contest 2015 “Above the fog” won first place in the category of “Places” and first place in the category “The most popular picture.” Its author – Brazilian Ricardo Matiello. Photographed in the Brazilian city of Maringa. (Photo: Ricardo Matiello / dronestagram).

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Architect built the office with 8500 beer bottles

An impressive office created with 8,500 bottles of beer by graduate engineer Li Rongjun. He spent four months and spent over 70,000 yuan (€ 10.000) to build an office with the help of his father. Sand, cement and pebbles were the other materials used. The young man just graduated from University of Science & Technology and this was the first work.

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