12 Most Luxurious Tourist Train VIP-World

Train lovers – a special category of travelers. When traveling by train, especially over long distances, they find their romance. Especially if such a journey passes through the exciting route in a luxurious setting, with stops along the way and overnight stays in luxurious hotels and exclusive excursions.EDAC cruises by rail.

So what are these VIP-train, and how much it costs them a ride?


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Europe’s abandoned cooling towers

Traveling around Europe, Belgian photographer Reginald Van de Velde explore the bottom of the abandoned cooling towers and finds there the theatrical stage. He said

‘One thing that fascinates me is the fact that not a single cooling tower is the same. Each and every one of them has a unique interior design and build. They all look the same from the exterior, but with each visit to a new cooling tower I’m always surprised by a different interior, time and time again.

Europe's abandoned cooling towers

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Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

Fort in the form of a star – type fortifications, which first appeared in the XV century in Italy. At that time, the medieval fortifications that were built of stone, becoming an easy target for the guns. That is why forts star began to build of brick, earth and other materials that are made to strengthen a much more powerful and have reduced the probability of failure of cannonballs.

Palmanova fortress town, The strategic location of war

City of Palmanova in Northern Italy.

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Tram in Bilbao – The world’s Best Tram

Some people do not know or do not want to believe that the tram – the world’s best form of public transport. “Trams noisy, slow, and do not know how to go around traffic jams!” they say. a bunch of reasons can cause such people about what modern tramway system solved all of these problems, tell them about the benefits of modern rail transport, that the tram is cute and beautiful. And you can just show them the tram in the Spanish city of Bilbao. Ya many different trams seen in the world, but I think we cant see such type of.

Tram in Bilbao - The world's Best Tram

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Photographer Christian Carollo Follow On the Footsteps of His Grandparents

The freelance photographer Christian Carollo has spent the past three years to locate and travel to places that his grandparents previously visited. It all began by chance when he was looking through a box that his grandfather left behind.

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, April 1979 & May 2015

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Laura Reid Leading Her Boyfriend Christian LeBlanc Around The World

If you thought that the famous Russian pair is the only one which shoot hand in hand, so you were wrong. It was only a matter of time before this idea also caught someone else, so here is Christian LeBlanc and Laura Reid . The last seven months traveling through Asia with a backpack on his back.  The couple, both aged 22 and from Vancouver, Canada, traveled to 10 countries.

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