Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups into Incredible Works of Art

Latte Art is the art of fresh milk poured into a cup of coffee to create drawings on the coffee surface. Pictures of delicious Latte or Cappuccino coffee with beautiful texture may not be unfamiliar to young people today. To create such a product requires the bartender to have great ingenuity, meticulous and creative ability.

Putting aside traditional black and white patterns, Korean artist Lee Kang Bin demonstrated his amazing skills and creativity, making this art beast truly raised to a point. New high

Korean Artist Lee Kang Bin Turns Coffee Cups of Barista Cafe into Incredible Works of Art

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Zodiac Body Paintings by Trina Merry

The American artist Trina Merry painted the bodies of models with non-toxic paint and In total, for the creation of the inverse images of twelve traditional zodiac signs, with sixty models. Previously, the artist has tested everyone’s flexibility. Only on closer inspection you can see that under the picture literally hidden human bodies. Trina as master BODY PAINTING and body art successfully manages to disguise even the hair, which in the end are a good complement the overall picture. At first glance it is difficult to imagine that we are not the signs of the zodiac pictures before, but also a real human bodies. [Trina Facebook]

Zodiac Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
[Taurus] Trina usually takes 2-9 hours to arrange her models’ positioning and posture, and then painted on their bodies. Lifelike figure of the Minotaur, body painting is difficult to see out of.
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