This Bad habit is useful for you

One of the worst memories for people is how they suddenly caught in eating his own snot. Even the mere thought of it silences many of us. Of course, the bugs completely natural, but they are known, are not food.

But now scientists from several universities, including Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that parents should not discourage their kids from picking their noses. They claim that ingesting boogers is a “rich source of bacteria” and is good for the teeth.

This Bad habit is useful for you

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Top 12 Most Smart and Beautiful Women Scientists

Popularity among the so called “nerds” is growing rapidly. Modern society in another way was to look at smart people, preferring the intellect, not muscle mass and long legs. It is also worth noting that the stereotype that scientists could not be found among the beautiful girls long been dispelled. Confirmation serve our selection.

Top 12 Most Beautiful Women Scientists

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