Syrian Artist Jawad Alghezi

Syrian artist Jawad Alghezi, moved to the United States escaping from the current Syrian war. He has met a lot of prestigious celebrity artists in Seattle city in Washington State. He has made a gallery of famous portrait drawings. This young man has become one of the most important and most famous artists in the city during one year. And it has triggered  many critics concerning how realistic his drawings are.

Syrian Artist Jawad Alghezi

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Realistic Paintings By German Artist Mike Dargas

German artist Mike Dargas uses spectacular technique to create his works! The artist never went to art school, but draws from 3 years old! For 14 years, Mike kept his own tattoo studio, but now it creates huge realistic portraits in oil! Hard to believe that this pattern! Due to the use of different techniques of color correction, images are very similar to the pictures!

Realistic paintings by Mike Dargas

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John Malkovich Recreated 15 Celebrity Portraits

The renowned photographer Sandro Miller , along with his longtime friend and Hollywood legend John Malkovich , created an ingenious project entitled Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to photographic masters . As the title suggests, this creative duo reinvented most iconic portraits with Malkovich as the protagonist of the images.

In addition to paying tribute to the photographers who influenced and inspired the series of Miller also welcomes the chameleon personality and genius of John Malkovich himself. The project emphasizes the beautiful and beautifully rich relationship between the photographer and his muse.

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Dynamic illustration by Valerie Susik

illustration meets interaction for the series of drawings created by russian illustrator valerie susik. By looking at photos of dogs on instagram, susik has caricatured their image on a notepad, delineating their facial features and furry mugs. The colorful pet portraits don’t merely express a static expression however — Each illustration playfully interacts with a human subject nearby. Hands placed around the drawing pad merge with the flat pencil art on the page, connecting the person and pup in various scenarios and situations — One animal’s floppy ears are swung backwards by a hairdryer; chopsticks bring a treat closer to a corgi’s wide-open mouth; A french bulldog poses for a photo snapped by a nearby camera phone. take a look below to see the full series of interactive illustrations.

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