Bourbon Tunnel | Naples, Italy

The world is full of forgotten places. Some of them are in fairly large cities. One of them is a tunnel with a vintage car at Naples, Italy. The entrance to this place is not far from Piazza del Plebiscito. At a depth of 30 meters is very tunnel Bourbon, which houses rare cars. The history of this place long enough and interesting.

Bourbon Tunnel Naples Italy

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Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Camera, the eye where you wana set and capture the image. Every photographer have freedom to shoot the image in different viewpoint. We usually seen the famous places like 7 wonder etc. But do think how its look when we are standing in front of these famous places, and what was the side scene behind us of these famous structures. British Photographer Oliver Curtis visited all the famous places, but he made other photos than the rest, or we can say a wrong way to see such famous places. The series is called Volte-face, and the man behind the camera. Its really a new way to see such places.

Photo's of Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

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Life of Afghanistan in 1960s

These fascinating photographs of Afghanistan in the 1960s [before Taliban] are far from the harrowing images from the current war in that country because of the Taliban , who came to power in 1996. According to the “Daily Mail“, the revealing images were taken by Bill Podlich , that changed life in America to travel to Kabul with his wife, Margaret, and two teenage daughters, Jan and Peg. The images were taken in 1967 when the university professor was part of Unesco and worked at the Higher Teachers College Kabul. He was an amateur photographer and set out to document their way of life in Afghanistan .

Afghanistan in the 60s before the conflict
Jan and Peg Podlich in Paghman Gardens that war destroyed (Photo: Dr William Podlich )

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Argan Tree Goats of Morocco

Morocco is the only country in the world where domestic goats graze off the ground and in the trees. This is not some kind of special, capable of levitating rock – is the most common, almost standard goats. The trees they graze, because the land is quite arid and lush grass for the goats’ food is just not enough.

Tree Goats of Morocco

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Hundred Islands National Park Philippines

In the province of Pangasinan in northern Philippines one of the national parks in the Philippines and is called the Hundred Islands. Although, in fact, the total number of islands more than a hundred mark, and is 124 selected islands or equal to 123 during the tides in the Lingayen Gulf covering an area of 16.76 square kilometers in the north of the country.

Hundred Islands National Park Philippines

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Photographer Christian Carollo Follow On the Footsteps of His Grandparents

The freelance photographer Christian Carollo has spent the past three years to locate and travel to places that his grandparents previously visited. It all began by chance when he was looking through a box that his grandfather left behind.

Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco, April 1979 & May 2015

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