Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Camera, the eye where you wana set and capture the image. Every photographer have freedom to shoot the image in different viewpoint. We usually seen the famous places like 7 wonder etc. But do think how its look when we are standing in front of these famous places, and what was the side scene behind us of these famous structures. British Photographer Oliver Curtis visited all the famous places, but he made other photos than the rest, or we can say a wrong way to see such famous places. The series is called Volte-face, and the man behind the camera. Its really a new way to see such places.

Photo's of Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

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Strange People who look like twins

Someone collects stamps, some collect cars, But Canadian photographer François Brunelle create a series features photos of strangers who look like twins. The resemblance between these unrelated people is seriously uncanny. For his project, ironically titled I’m Not a Look-alike ( «I do not like”), it looks very similar in appearance, and relieves them of people. Despite the similarities, “twins” are not related by blood. The project has existed since 1999 and to date in Brunel portfolio of about 150 photos nonnative “clones”.

Photographs Of Strangers Who Look Like Twins

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People and animals in the photographs of Flora Borsi

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi produced a stunning series of self-portraits “ANIMAEYED”. Each image is original in that girl’s right eye replaces the animal’s eyes. Even more surreal it gives the make-up and props to help the girl to be like the animals themselves. Creativity Flora is already known to the world: her work has been exhibited in the Louvre and the Saatchi Gallery.

People and animals in the photographs of Flora Borsi

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Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

Italian architect and digital artist, Laurent Rosset enjoys edit photos taking them to the side of surrealism and exciting confusion. In his works, roads, avenues, mountains and fields they bend themselves into great waves that threaten those who wander strange places. His images generated estrangement and fascination at the same time. Like dreams.

Unusual world of Laurent Rosset

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Craig Gibson Photo Project “Boys and their fathers”

British photographer Craig Gibson captures an uncanny resemblance between fathers and their sons, combining them by imposing portraits for your photo project «Boys and their fathers». A collection of images created by the hands of Craig, show us the power of genetic relationship between the closest relatives. First photo shows a picture of each person individually, and then combines portraits, to demonstrate their phenomenal similarity.

Craig Gibson Photo Project "Boys and their Fathers"

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This man found a way how to get closer to the stars

Artist Jon Burgerman has created a photo project called “Famous Friends”, He create some funny picture adjoining with famous celebrities or stars. A series of shots came at a time when John was playing with Instagram and found the function “Layout”, which allows you to combine multiple images. On the collage, you can see famous people, such as Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and others.

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Female designers from 18 different countries, The same woman photoshopped

One of the most interesting things about beauty standards is the fact that they’re different all over the world. And that’s exactly the contradiction explored in the project Perceptions of Perfection, saw female designers from 18 different countries photoshop the below image of a woman. The idea came from the work of the photographer Esther Honig , who performed a similar experiment. Online Doctor, the organization that sponsored the project, said he concluded that the perception of beauty is totally culturally.

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Amazing project called “Mania” by Joe Cabezas

The artist from Ecuador Maria Jo Cabezas, as well as many people face daily with the requirements for their appearance. You can not gain weight, you can not get old, you can not look unfeminine, and for men – can not be unmanly, you can not look different, but to perfect. And if some people can filter these requirements and apply them to his moderate, others are tripping over themselves to meet the expectations of the faceless public. It is on account of the desperate and the last project directed Mary.


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New York City from the heights of skyscrapers

Navid Baraty, New York-based photographer. For a while he worked as an engineer, but soon moved to San Francisco and then to New York and became a photographer. He works in a genre of urban landscape photography. This series is dedicated to the city of New York, how it looks from a height, its streets, its habits.

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992 marine debris balls were recovered from the world’s oceans

The series PENALTY by Mandy Barker, aims to create awareness about the issue of marine pollution by focusing attention on the football as a single plastic object and global symbol that could reach an international audience. The project involved the collaboration with members of the public from around the world after a call via social media for people to collect and post footballs they found in the sea or on the shoreline.

The series PENALTY By Mandy BarkerAccording to a study published in the scientific journal PLoS ONE, the end of 2014 the number of plastic objects, polluting the world’s oceans has exceeded 5.25 trillion. Total weight of waste – 268,940 tons.

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