How The Legs Can Be Ready To Give Out The Intentions Of Your Interlocutor

From the expression of your face you can determine how a person feels, whether something is bothering him/her. But not everyone values ​​the fact that other parts of the body can also talk about some of the person’s intentions. The leg position can be a good source of information about a person’s personality or his thoughts/mood. It is especially useful to know those who conduct interviews. What does it mean if you stand with your legs apart or are you sitting cross-ankle? Find out what the different positions of the legs can tell about a person!

Crossbred legs

Crossbred legs

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Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

From ancient times it is known that the wearing of rings with natural stones allows you to enhance the action of certain planets in a horoscope. And today it is believed that each finger corresponds to a separate planet in the solar system. For example, a large palets- is Venus, the index – Jupiter, middle – Saturn ring – the sun and the little finger – Mercury. Thus, wearing a ring with a stone on a particular finger may be to control the fate. If earlier woman has taken a vow of celibacy, she wore a silver ring on his thumb, blocking the energy of the planet Venus. Therefore, if a girl wants to establish a personal life, meet a soul mate, wearing a ring on the thumb should not be.

Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

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