Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

The famous basketball has gotten a makeover on Rue Duperré in Paris. Pigalle and Nike have sports feature striking colors very nice overlap.

Since 2009 basketball Montmartre Duperré is a concept in Paris. That was the year that Pigalle and Nike for the first time the court gave pretty colors. In 2015, pictures of the basketball court entered the world when there was a new design which was based on a painting by Russian artist Kasimir Malevich.

Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

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1865 Public Urinals in Paris by Charles Marville

In the early 1850s, Napoleon III commissioned the urban planner Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the task of making Paris the most modern city in the world. At that time, the city was just like in the Middle Ages. Charles-François Bossu says Marville (1818 – 1879) was a French photographer known for his photographs of Paris before the great works of Haussmann that transformed the capital.

Public urinals on the street of Paris in 1865
Urinal sextuplace, theater Ambigu, c. 1875

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