This skeleton of dead branches marks the beginning of autumn

Autumn has really started in the Netherlands and the artwork fits Never2501  perfectly. He made of dead branches and leaves a huge skeleton.

This artwork was named in Cammino per Trasformarsi Nell’istante Presente , which loosely translated means “the move to change the present”. The skeleton features the cycle of life and the changing seasons. After the exuberant flowering of spring and summer, nature pulls back in the fall. Leaves fall from the trees and branches break off. All this dead matter again breeding ground for all the new life that we see in the fall.

This skeleton of dead branches marks the beginning of autumn

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Luxury hotel in old Airplane Ilyushin 18

The plane Ilyushin 18 was built in 1960, which is almost 40 meters long. In its first years. A fantastic view of the platform and runway at Teuge airport, Netherlands. it served as a government plane for the DDR top dogs, including Erich Honecker. From 1964 to 1986 Interflug, an East-German airline company, used it for flights to countries like Cuba, Russia, China and Vietnam. It could accommodate a total of 120 passengers and a four-man crew in the cockpit. After the German unification the plane served as a restaurant for 15 years until it was acquired by in 2007.

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