The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

A new conversation on humanity, and the similarities that connect us all. Its incredible buildings have become known to the whole world: the Ferrari Park, glass skyscrapers, palaces, huge gardens, etc. This city is amazing in its scope. Millions of tourists visit this wonderful city of the desert every year. Hotels in Abu Dhabi are real palaces with marble and gilding. Coming here, you seem to fall into a wake in reality. Everyone who has ever visited this city wants to go back again and again. And it’s not surprising. After all, Abu Dhabi offers more and more new facilities. Among such and incredible museum of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is approaching its grand opening

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The World’s Largest Tree Relocation Machine

Making the landscape after the construction of large public buildings is always in demand in the market among construction companies. The fact that a relatively young trees are transported by special machines known in my all, and how to move a large tree 35 meters high at the age of 75 years?

Moving and Transplanting Trees with a Tree Spade

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Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

30 km from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, in the small village of Dong Tao cultivated one of the most rare species of chickens, which is also called Dong Tao but also known as the ” chicken dragon“. Once the hens were considered royal, but now they can enjoy anyone, just about to be seriously shell out for this it is necessary. The cost of one pair of these chickens can reach up to $ 2500. To date, the number of chickens is about 300 individuals. Weight of cock is 6 kg chicken – 4.5 – 5.5 kg. Dong Tao prized for delicious meat and huge paws, like a dragon paws. These huge legs are a delicacy and served in the most expensive restaurants in the country.

Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

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The Huge Aircraft Hangar Turn Into Tropical Island In Germany

An old aircraft hangar occupying huge grounds which can give a lot. Most often, it was demolished and in its place build blocks of flats, but this time opted for a much better idea and that no one can imagine until you see the images that we bring. Although it may seem a lie, this hangar is full of surprises.

The Huge Aircaft Hanger Turn Into Tropical Island Resort In Germany

To enjoy a tropical vacation, the best option is to go for the Caribbean, but what would you think if we told you that it is also possible in the German city of Brandenburg? There seems to be the best area for that, but in the city have made it possible thanks to the renovation carried out on an old aircraft hangar 40s.

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