21 Best Ideas about Female Modeling Poses

If ever you run out of ideas, creativity comes to a standstill, or you just need the advice for shooting a female object, you can use the following examples of postures as a “cheat sheet”. Many professional photographers use similar techniques during preparation or immediately on shooting.

Posture, picked up in this article can be used as a starting point. You can also view them together with your model, especially if she does not have experience. When taking a picture confident discuss with your object is, what pose is suitable or not suitable for every situation. Usually it is very productive and allows both (you and your model) feel more confident in your actions. How to Pose at a Photo Shoot?

So , we begin :

female model poses for photography

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The Beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

During the Olympics Games, more than 11 thousand athletes play 306 sets of medals in 28 sports. And among them there are many attractive girls that can please even the most demanding male eyes, the most beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio.

The hottest female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

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Winners of Beauty Contest and in Everyday Life

Every year in the world there are numerous beauty contests, both national and international scale, and the winners are the best and most interesting, according to the jury. The choice of the jury members, however, are often disputed by many who believe that among the contestants were more worthy female candidates the title of “the most beautiful woman.” And we suggest you evaluate the winners of various competitions of beauty, looking at their photos taken on the podium and in everyday life.

Paulina Vega (Colombia)

Miss Universe 2014

Paulina Vega (Colombia) Miss Universe 2014

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Female Faces around the world

South African photographer Mike Mike has created a project called The Face of Tomorrow. Traveling the world, he photographed strangers from 40 different countries, and then with the help of a special computer program processes the images and their group noted similarities.

Femal Faces around the worldFemal Faces around the world

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The History of the Bra

The modern woman without a bra as a shoemaker without shoes. This accessory has become such an integral part of the women’s toilet, it’s hard to find a replacement. It is a kind of symbol of femininity and sexuality. Today, the lady of any build and form opens as a rich selection of lingerie that right eye run.

But the case with women’s bra at the origins of the story? Youtube/Glamour Magazine posted a video, a beautiful model in two minutes to show the bra in the past 500 years of the evolution process.  As the creators of the movie managed to put the whole story of the women’s indispensable little things in a couple of minutes? I do not know, it is not a question for us, but it was incredibly cool.

Small Breasts  was considered a sign of aristocracy, so women tightly wrapped chest cloth.

The History of the Bra
The evolution of the bra over the past 500 years in just two minutes

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