Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Camera, the eye where you wana set and capture the image. Every photographer have freedom to shoot the image in different viewpoint. We usually seen the famous places like 7 wonder etc. But do think how its look when we are standing in front of these famous places, and what was the side scene behind us of these famous structures. British Photographer Oliver Curtis visited all the famous places, but he made other photos than the rest, or we can say a wrong way to see such famous places. The series is called Volte-face, and the man behind the camera. Its really a new way to see such places.

Photo's of Famous Places through the Eyes of Visitors

Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro

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The most expensive coffee in the world

Every true coffee lover, if not tried, then at least heard of the world-famous, Indonesian luwak coffee.

Which only epithets did not award the coffee producers and sellers, “the most prestigious in the world”, “elite”, “premium”, “gods drink”, the taste of his “extremely soft”, “caramel”, “with a delicate aroma of vanilla and chocolate “, and so on and so forth.

The most expensive coffee in the world

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Hoodia Diop – The dark-skinned model in the world

Meet the most famous Senegalese model, her name is Hoodia Diop, for extremely black skin color, she received the nickname of “the goddess of melanin.”Her skin has such a rich black color that it seems that it is colored artificially.

Hoodia Diop - The dark-skinned model in the world

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“The Motherland Calls!” — Who is actually depicted on the famous poster

The woman’s face depicted on the famous propaganda poster from World War II, “The Motherland Calls!” Is familiar to all. The main task of the artist Irakli Toidze was to create a generalized image of the woman-mother, in which each soldier could see his mother. Nevertheless, this image-symbol was a real prototype – Tamara Toidze.

"The Motherland Calls!": Who is actually depicted on the famous poster

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Syrian Artist Jawad Alghezi

Syrian artist Jawad Alghezi, moved to the United States escaping from the current Syrian war. He has met a lot of prestigious celebrity artists in Seattle city in Washington State. He has made a gallery of famous portrait drawings. This young man has become one of the most important and most famous artists in the city during one year. And it has triggered  many critics concerning how realistic his drawings are.

Syrian Artist Jawad Alghezi

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The Painted Ladies – San Francisco

Wonderful and colorful Victorian homes are located in several areas of San Francisco, in the western and southern parts of the city. The most famous place where they are located in a row, is the street Steiner is now on the revival of these houses with a fancy name”Painted ladie” around this American city.

The Painted Ladies of San Francisco

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This man found a way how to get closer to the stars

Artist Jon Burgerman has created a photo project called “Famous Friends”, He create some funny picture adjoining with famous celebrities or stars. A series of shots came at a time when John was playing with Instagram and found the function “Layout”, which allows you to combine multiple images. On the collage, you can see famous people, such as Barack Obama, Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian and others.

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Artist creates fantastic arts in eggshells

As a child you may have played painting eggshells at Easter, while dreaming of the bunny. But this Turkish artist took the idea to a new level, creating true works of art on these surfaces. Each painting is done carefully inside the eggs after a portion of the shell is broken. Many of the designs created by  Süreyya Noyan are recreations of famous paintings or architectural masterpieces such as The Scream. To compose the pieces in such detail, the artist uses precise brushes and special pens for drawing, using the egg as a blank canvas.

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Evolution Of Sneakers In The History Of Their Existence

Running shoes, which are used not only for sports or running, but also a part of everyday uniform. They are famous for how easy and practical shoes, whose history goes back more than 150 years. It is worth noting that during this time running shoes have come a long way to metamorphosis and improvements. Tracing the Evolution of the shoe can be due to the project The Rise of Sneaker Culture, in which were collected the most outstanding models (about 150 copies).

Running shoe brand Thomas Dutton and Thorowgood, 1860-1865 years

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Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh tea comes in several areas of the Republic of China, Thailand and Vietnam. Unlike other teas technology of its preparation has its own characteristics, in which the collected leaves are subjected to a fermentation process and forcing susceptible to aging. This tea can not be attributed only to the black tea variety, rather it is something in between the black and green varieties because its maturation occurs solely as a result of external factors and not by the action of their endogenous enzymes, as is the case with other varieties.

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