Creative T-Shirts and bags Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirate Printer from Berlin

The Berlin based collective artist Raubdruckerin is currently traveling through Europe. Along the way they make naturally beautiful prints of manhole covers and paving stones.

Raubdruckerin is German for female pirate printer. What they do is use objects in public space to print with t-shirts and bags. Everything they make, just happens on the street.

Creative T-Shirt Prints by Raubdruckerin, Pirates Printer from Belin

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The world’s most unusual pools

Monitor your health – not only easy, but also enjoyable. If you want to strengthen the immune system, lose weight and improve their health, not necessarily to torture yourself in the gym or running in the morning.Remember how you loved to splash in the water as a child. It does not matter whether the bathroom with ducks, a river in the village or the clear blue sea. Water always gives a lot of positive emotions and helps to improve their health.

Doctors around the world acknowledge that diving has a beneficial effect on the entire human body. Especially useful it is for correction. Water aerobics is considered more effective than usual. When driving in water, activated more muscle groups, so the impact on the figure has more uniform character. Because of the water formed in proportion to the figure.

1. Hotel “Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort”, Bali, Indonesia.

Hotel "Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort", Bali, Indonesia.

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Smart Forrail, Car Runs on Railway Track

To draw attention to its new product, the German brand Smart introduced its new “insane” design – prototype Forrail (literally “for the rail”) – a car built on the basis of four Smart For Four, where you can go by rail. Smart ForRail been certified as “minipoezd.”

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