Israeli army Girls

During a recent trip of New York Photographer Maya Toledano made a very intimate series of beautiful pictures of the girls of Israeli army. Thus the she would like to return part of her youth – a time when she served as the Maya, and was deprived of all cultural symbols “femininity”.

The concept of gender, nationality or personality differences had to disappear from the life of a girl for the duration of compulsory service in the Israeli army – national identity was in the first place.

Israeli army Girls

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The Americans are going to eat insects

The American Wayne University in Detroit, held a conference “Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed”, which explored the possibility of using local insects for food. There have been presented freeze-dried crickets, locusts, meal-worms and other edible products of insects. Organizers of pleasure ate these foods and showed it to visitors.

Eating Insects Detroit: Exploring the Culture of Insects as Food and Feed

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Our daily garbage becomes the main decoration for Ethiopian tribe

When we throw out anything, hardly we thought that for someone these things can be the most valuable that they have. For example, for the African Omo tribe living in Ethiopia, railways bottle caps or old watches may be the main decoration, which will determine their status in the tribe. With the help of these discarded trinkets women create their own ornaments for hair and wigs.

Our daily garbage becomes the main decoration for the girls of Ethiopian tribePhotographer Eric Lafforgue in their frames tried to reflect the culture of the tribe and to show that debris can sometimes be the only means of existence on earth.

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Mongolian Teanager Jockeys Racing Across The Steppes

Purevsurengiin Togtokhsuren is simply 13 years of ages, however he’s currently an experienced jockey. This year noted his 5th time contending in the competition of Naadam, Mongolia’s yearly summertime celebration. The celebration commemorates the 3 “macho fine arts” of Mongolian culture– equine racing, battling and also archery.

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