Stunning aerial photographs of Southern Australia By MR BO

Australian based photographer MR BO lover of this South region of Australia, its fauna and flora. Taking impressive clichés using a drone for compositions very colorful and bathed in light. They deliver a sense of adventure and exploration of this country.

Stunning aerial photographs of Southern Australia

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Soviet Architecture in Georgia

Georgia has long been part of the Soviet Union in the last century.This era has left its mark on the architecture among others. The Italian photographer Roberto Conte and Stefano Perego traveled to the country to capture the most striking buildings.

In Soviet architecture we mainly think of drab apartment blocks and gaudy monuments, but gradually there is increasing appreciation of this cultural heritage. It’s a bit similar to the brutalism in western Europe. These designs are more and more appreciated.

The best Soviet architecture in Georgia
Tbilisi. Archaeological Museum (1988). © Stefano Perego

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Abandoned Bunkers Of Albania

The era of Enver Halil Hoxha in Albania left about 750,000 bunkers. Paranoid dictator was fascinated by the idea of “bunkerizatsii whole country.” During the 35 years (1950-85), most of the residents were involved in public works in order to build temporary shelters in case of war. Today bins made of high quality materials (which by the way were bought in Austria and Italy), continue to exist as monuments of the state of idiocy and paranoia. Some of these buildings are adapted by local residents for various needs.

Abandoned Bunkers Of Albania

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Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

Los Angeles based photographer Gabriel Scanu . Sea, sand, sun, greenery and paths with a composite artist who drew the pictures upside down or aerial view. Real life is crowded with these miniature works and artists which gives a different dimension to the mobility of nature, we can say that look at the upside-down color harmony in nature. Especially in our house with a separate sea breeze adds spaciousness traveling photographers in Spain, England, is in trips of to many countries such as America and Australia.

Gab’s 30 working astonishing composite colors of nature that we have compiled for you. You have good days.

Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

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The Beauty of the Norwegian fjords and British photographer Paul Edmunson

British photographer Paul Edmundson moved to Norway at the age of 16 years, fell in love with the beauty of the picturesque north of the country. His love is embodied in the beautiful pictures that we offer you to look at.

Sheer cliff evokes feelings of anxiety, which is smoothed thanks to the soothing calm azure waters of the fjord in the background.

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The Peaceful Borders Between Countries In Europe

Since the Schengen Agreement of 1985, gradually they have been erased restrictions on mobility between countries in Europe. Photographer based in the Netherlands Valerio Vincenzo decided to document this change in his series “Borderline, Frontiers of Peace”.


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Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

30 km from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, in the small village of Dong Tao cultivated one of the most rare species of chickens, which is also called Dong Tao but also known as the ” chicken dragon“. Once the hens were considered royal, but now they can enjoy anyone, just about to be seriously shell out for this it is necessary. The cost of one pair of these chickens can reach up to $ 2500. To date, the number of chickens is about 300 individuals. Weight of cock is 6 kg chicken – 4.5 – 5.5 kg. Dong Tao prized for delicious meat and huge paws, like a dragon paws. These huge legs are a delicacy and served in the most expensive restaurants in the country.

Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

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How to grow mushrooms in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products. However, in this country today there are difficulties in finding workers despite the unemployment rate to 7.1 percent. Many Canadians do not want to take jobs related to manual labor and agriculture. The Canadian government will ratify the bill, according to which unskilled foreign workers can not be more than 10 percent of the labor force of the employer.

How to grow mushrooms in Canada

The temporary foreign worker sorts mushrooms on a mushroom farm High-line.

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Argan Tree Goats of Morocco

Morocco is the only country in the world where domestic goats graze off the ground and in the trees. This is not some kind of special, capable of levitating rock – is the most common, almost standard goats. The trees they graze, because the land is quite arid and lush grass for the goats’ food is just not enough.

Tree Goats of Morocco

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