The World’s Largest Tree Relocation Machine

Making the landscape after the construction of large public buildings is always in demand in the market among construction companies. The fact that a relatively young trees are transported by special machines known in my all, and how to move a large tree 35 meters high at the age of 75 years?

Moving and Transplanting Trees with a Tree Spade

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Abandoned venues of Athens Olympic 2004

Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The history of these competences goes back almost 3000 years ago. However, unlike ancient Greece, contemporary Greeks have little reason to be proud of the accomplishment of the Olympics. In 2004 in Athens the twenty-eighth edition of the Olympic Games was held, but in just 11 years, the sports structures along with the Olympic Village became true ruins.

Abandoned venues of Athens Olympic 2004

The sand for beach volleyball is overgrown.

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Unique Domespace’s, The entire structure to rotate

This wooden house called “Domespace’s” from the company “Solaleya Designs” not only has the original design and is heated by solar energy, but also a safe haven from natural disasters.

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