Rodrigo Alves after 58 Surgery

The Brazilian Rodrigo Alves has a very interesting life story. Briefly it can be described in one sentence: “What is fanaticism and how to deal with it.” Probably, in his childhood he revised the Disney cartoons or his parents gave him too many Barbie and Ken. Growing up, the man decided to turn himself into a living doll. He has done many experiments with his body.

Rodrigo suffered from plus 50 plastic surgeries for seventeen long years. Rodrigo Alves has treated with 42 operations to look like ‘Barbie’s Ken’. Rodrigo has operated ten nose jobs, appropriate  butt lift, silicone chest implanting, no 6 pack he has eight pack abs and hair implants. “Rodrigo Alves is a Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves is known for his plastic surgeries and massive changing of his body style. For what? Now he is exactly like his plastic idol. But everything is in order.

Rodrigo Alves after 58 plastic surgery

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10 simple habits that make us more attractive

Beauty in appearance and manliness. Attractiveness is something that we radiate from within within a lifetime. Being attractive emotionally, spiritually and mentally is just as important as having external beauty. Daily love, mutual help are habits that will make you more attractive in the eyes of others.

There are several different ways to properly treat yourself and the outside world, which can make you more attractive, both inside and out. The confidence that you radiate is attractive to others, so it is very important to saturate this internal resource.

So, here are the 10 most simple daily habits that make you more attractive:

1. Deep communication with people

Deep communication with people

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The Unique Kabayan Fire Mummies

Mummification – Relatively well-studied ancient rite preservation of dead bodies – mostly we associate with the embalmed Egyptian mummies. However, remarkably well-preserved remains found in the Philippines, have shed light on the existence of both types of mummies – fire. Uniqueness fire Kabayan mummies that, unlike most antiquities they are still located in the natural environment. Caves, keeping them secret, have been repeatedly looted and is now considered to be the place endangered.


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Woman bodybuilder Alexander Rudenko

This girl becomes the target of regular attacks perturbed public. 24-year-old Alexander Rudenko from Novosibirsk, Russia – a dedicated fan of bodybuilding. And even a ton of criticism are not able to stop her. Beautiful or not is not for us to judge. First of all, it is the choice of most of Alexandra. On the eve of the global competition bodybuilders, which took place in Budapest, Alexander shared on his page in a social network photo-comparison a year apart.Only Alexander’s followers have focused on the fact that a year later, Sasha turned gray from excessive training! And this is not surprising, because the girl’s body “is aging at an accelerated pace,” which leads to certain changes.

Woman bodybuilder Alexander Rudenko

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Thai monk meditates in boiling oil pot over a campfire

A YouTube video of a monk praying quietly in a boiling oil pan recently made the rounds online, people wondering how the monk does not scream in agony with his body being cooked. Esoteric users of social media are delighted with the possibility of the capacity of Thai monk to defy physics with its “magic”. Unfortunately, skeptical scientists soon pointed out some facts that almost end up with the illusion.

Thai monk meditates in boiling oil pot over a campfire

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Natascha Encinosa and Chun-Li Street Fighter

Miami fitness model Natascha Encinosa the millions of internet viewer on Instagram.  Encinosa mostly shares pics of her fit body and workouts, but on this Valentine’s Day she posted something a very different. She showed off her thighs in a way that resembled Chun Li from “Street Fighter,” and fans went wild.

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The shape of the nose will tell about your personality

Strange but true! The nose is able to tell a lot about the character, according to research by an Israeli scientist Abraham Tamir  of Ben-Gurion University. The results of his research papers have been published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.

The shape of the nose will tell about your personality

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Super slim Swedish model Agnes Hedengard hit the fashion industry

19-year-old Swedish model Agnes Hedengård published online video, which has demonstrated its slender body. Her body mass index – 17.5, though the rate begins with 18.5, but the work can not find it – most of the major modeling agencies find it too thick.

Swedish model Agnes Hedengård
Skinny Swedish model told she’s ‘too big for the industry’

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Which Fingers to press in case of pain?

From time to time medical science developed, but many people from ancient time believed that most of the body’s illness comes from disharmony inside from the body. That disharmony can be achieved through bad diet, bad habits, and poor thoughts. Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is an ancient art of mending from Japan, uses certain pressure finger points to create harmony again in your body.

Using the image below, you can find the right fingers to put pressure on to help relieve certain symptoms in your body.

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The Beauty show of Women Body Modification

Body modification includes anything from piercings and tattoos all the way to surgical augmentations such as implants and injections. Photographer Roger Kisby recently captured some of the many women who proudly sport their bold and downright stunning body modifications.

Kisby just happened to be walking in Las Vegas on June 7 when he stumbled upon the Association of Professional Piercers Conference and Exposition. Though Kisby told The Huffington Post he himself doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings, he said he was drawn to the opportunity to highlight the beauty in everyone’s differences.

The Beauty show of Women Body Modification
Roger Kisby Alicia Cardenas – Soltribe

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