Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

From ancient times it is known that the wearing of rings with natural stones allows you to enhance the action of certain planets in a horoscope. And today it is believed that each finger corresponds to a separate planet in the solar system. For example, a large palets- is Venus, the index – Jupiter, middle – Saturn ring – the sun and the little finger – Mercury. Thus, wearing a ring with a stone on a particular finger may be to control the fate. If earlier woman has taken a vow of celibacy, she wore a silver ring on his thumb, blocking the energy of the planet Venus. Therefore, if a girl wants to establish a personal life, meet a soul mate, wearing a ring on the thumb should not be.

Rings with Natural Stones, According to Planets

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The Unique Kabayan Fire Mummies

Mummification – Relatively well-studied ancient rite preservation of dead bodies – mostly we associate with the embalmed Egyptian mummies. However, remarkably well-preserved remains found in the Philippines, have shed light on the existence of both types of mummies – fire. Uniqueness fire Kabayan mummies that, unlike most antiquities they are still located in the natural environment. Caves, keeping them secret, have been repeatedly looted and is now considered to be the place endangered.


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9 Ancient Step-wells of India

Water source, meeting place, architectural wonder: The ancient Indian stepwell – a man-made, subterranean well also known as ‘vav’ or ‘baori’ – has been capturing the imagination of pilgrims and travelers for centuries.

Today, many these ancient relics have been largely forgotten, and now languish in a state of decay.

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Peruvian rock Sayhuite

On the banks of the River Apurimac in Peru for several millennia lies a stone . At the bottom is the usual size of a block of about 4×4 meters, of natural origin. Other granite slabs in the near vicinity there. However, no problem shipping the ancient stone slab to the river baffled scientists. Puzzling the top of the boulder: on its surface is made in a nutshell … the city . The artifact is called the stone stone Saiva (Sayhuite Stone).

Mystery of Peruvian rock with the layout of the city

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Valley of Thousand Windmills, Lassithi

Valley of a Thousand mills or in Russian Долина тысячи мельниц, Windmills of Lasithi is located at 800 meters of the order of altitude in the central part of the island of Crete. This valley attracts man for its climate ever since the Neolithic. In the heyday, in the square, measuring 11 kilometers by 6 kilometers, it was not less than 10 thousand windmills are constructed to deliver water in the fertile soil of the valley. Mill design provides fabric-vane sail. 

Valley of Thousand Windmills, Lassithi

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Primitive tool, Navigate the world’s oceans

Primitive tool, Navigate the world’s oceans a great geographical discovery, In ancient times, when there was no complex mechanical and electronic devices, enabling accurate pave the way to the sea, sailors used the more primitive tools, for example, such as the one with which you will learn on.This so-called traverse-board, used in the XV – XIX centuries. Primitive device allowed to adhere to the exact course and monitor the speed of the vessel. It was designed in such a way that they are able to enjoy even illiterate sailors.

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The Painful Chinese Women Procedure of Foot-Binding

The thousand-year tradition, which is now prohibited thing of the past with these old ladies. British photographer Joe Farrell (Jo Farrell) have documented the ancient custom of “foot-binding”, practiced in China since the beginning of the X until the beginning of XX century. He will go down in history with these elderly women.

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Modern tattoo, A special kind of art

Tattoo is an ancient art form that originated many years ago. Over the years, the existence of civilization tattoo applied to the body for different purposes and for different purposes: as a protection against evil spirits, as a sacred rite for the distinction and initiation to the circle of the elect. I think many would agree that the tattoo in each of us is a concern. That’s just someone admires this kind of art, and some tattoo art and not call. Modern tattoos are very different from those that applied earlier. Indeed, figures, applied to the body, comparable with the works of artists and hit masterful performance and diversity. In modern times, there are many styles of tattoos , such as realism, cyber-punk, black, Japanese, point style, and many others. As we have understood each tattoo is unique, and diversity in the choice of tattoo is simply no limit. We invite you to view a selection of pictures of modern tattoos on the body .

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