Stunning aerial photographs of Southern Australia By MR BO

Australian based photographer MR BO lover of this South region of Australia, its fauna and flora. Taking impressive clichés using a drone for compositions very colorful and bathed in light. They deliver a sense of adventure and exploration of this country.

Stunning aerial photographs of Southern Australia

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Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

Los Angeles based photographer Gabriel Scanu . Sea, sand, sun, greenery and paths with a composite artist who drew the pictures upside down or aerial view. Real life is crowded with these miniature works and artists which gives a different dimension to the mobility of nature, we can say that look at the upside-down color harmony in nature. Especially in our house with a separate sea breeze adds spaciousness traveling photographers in Spain, England, is in trips of to many countries such as America and Australia.

Gab’s 30 working astonishing composite colors of nature that we have compiled for you. You have good days.

Aerial Photography by Gabriel Scanu

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New York City from the heights of skyscrapers

Navid Baraty, New York-based photographer. For a while he worked as an engineer, but soon moved to San Francisco and then to New York and became a photographer. He works in a genre of urban landscape photography. This series is dedicated to the city of New York, how it looks from a height, its streets, its habits.

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Dronestagram Photo Contest 2015

This unique perspective (above) is neither bird’s eye view nor man’s, but is the mechanical and precise vantage point of a machine, a drone. It is the winning photograph in this year’s International Drone Photography Contest which is organised by drone-only social networking site (yes, really) Dronestagram.

Dronestagram Photo Contest 2015 “Above the fog” won first place in the category of “Places” and first place in the category “The most popular picture.” Its author – Brazilian Ricardo Matiello. Photographed in the Brazilian city of Maringa. (Photo: Ricardo Matiello / dronestagram).

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Aerial view of blue salt field of Australia

An impressive spectacle brings before our eyes the photographer Simon Butterworth, who flew over the blue salt field of Australia. San squared ponds acquire all shades of blue look from a great height these artificial creations on the ground for the deposition and processing of salt.

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