Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

The famous basketball has gotten a makeover on Rue Duperré in Paris. Pigalle and Nike have sports feature striking colors very nice overlap.

Since 2009 basketball Montmartre Duperré is a concept in Paris. That was the year that Pigalle and Nike for the first time the court gave pretty colors. In 2015, pictures of the basketball court entered the world when there was a new design which was based on a painting by Russian artist Kasimir Malevich.

Pigalle’s Colorful Basketball Court in Paris

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The Beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

During the Olympics Games, more than 11 thousand athletes play 306 sets of medals in 28 sports. And among them there are many attractive girls that can please even the most demanding male eyes, the most beautiful female athletes of the Olympics in Rio.

The hottest female athletes of the Olympics in Rio

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Woman bodybuilder Alexander Rudenko

This girl becomes the target of regular attacks perturbed public. 24-year-old Alexander Rudenko from Novosibirsk, Russia – a dedicated fan of bodybuilding. And even a ton of criticism are not able to stop her. Beautiful or not is not for us to judge. First of all, it is the choice of most of Alexandra. On the eve of the global competition bodybuilders, which took place in Budapest, Alexander shared on his page in a social network photo-comparison a year apart.Only Alexander’s followers have focused on the fact that a year later, Sasha turned gray from excessive training! And this is not surprising, because the girl’s body “is aging at an accelerated pace,” which leads to certain changes.

Woman bodybuilder Alexander Rudenko

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The Barbie face and The Muscle of Julia Vins from Saratov

Huge eyes half-face, full lips and a mop of curly hair – about the face of Julia Vins and I want to say, “the girl such a girl.” And now omit the eyes as follows: biceps, triceps, cubes on the belly and the back … all mountain terrain. 

The girl from Saratov-Russia,  can pick up and lift over the head of the adult man, even two if they are not too well-fed. In training, the athlete with the puppet face lifts in the bench press 100 kilograms in the dead-lift 160-180 kilogram, sit down – 170 kg. This doll itself weighs only 10st 21lb And she’s only 18 years old!

The Barbie face and Ken muscles of Julia Vince from Saratov

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Abandoned venues of Athens Olympic 2004

Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The history of these competences goes back almost 3000 years ago. However, unlike ancient Greece, contemporary Greeks have little reason to be proud of the accomplishment of the Olympics. In 2004 in Athens the twenty-eighth edition of the Olympic Games was held, but in just 11 years, the sports structures along with the Olympic Village became true ruins.

Abandoned venues of Athens Olympic 2004

The sand for beach volleyball is overgrown.

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Mongolian Teanager Jockeys Racing Across The Steppes

Purevsurengiin Togtokhsuren is simply 13 years of ages, however he’s currently an experienced jockey. This year noted his 5th time contending in the competition of Naadam, Mongolia’s yearly summertime celebration. The celebration commemorates the 3 “macho fine arts” of Mongolian culture– equine racing, battling and also archery.

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