Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

30 km from Hanoi, capital of Vietnam, in the small village of Dong Tao cultivated one of the most rare species of chickens, which is also called Dong Tao but also known as the ” chicken dragon“. Once the hens were considered royal, but now they can enjoy anyone, just about to be seriously shell out for this it is necessary. The cost of one pair of these chickens can reach up to $ 2500. To date, the number of chickens is about 300 individuals. Weight of cock is 6 kg chicken – 4.5 – 5.5 kg. Dong Tao prized for delicious meat and huge paws, like a dragon paws. These huge legs are a delicacy and served in the most expensive restaurants in the country.

Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken with dragon feet

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Rare and beautiful photos of Flying Peacocks

Their amazing plumage and impressive formation does not pass unnoticed and this bird appealing to the eye of the beholder.  The National Bird of India, is a colorful, swan-sized bird, with a fan-shaped crest of feathers, a white patch under the eye and a long, slender neck. The magnificent feathers are the focus wherever the meet. But to imagine how these beautiful birds when they fly? Rare to see flying a peacock, since it occurs only in case of danger, so when the camera lens captures and that capacity is witness to its rare beauty.

Rare and beautiful photos of Peacocks

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Nests of Birds in Unusual Places

These unusual birds nests demonstrate how birds can adapt to their environment. Most species are searching safe places to make their nests, protecting somehow their eggs and thus the hatching of chicks. Usually choose tree trunks and roofs to let their babies, while with the passage of time and deforestation natural positions decreased dramatically. So techites nests deemed necessary as mu solution to this problem but also as facilitation of birds. View So then unlikely places chosen by the birds to make their eggs.

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