The camera and striking a pose – Demi Rose, British model

Demi Rose — 22 years old british model, from childhood she want to become a model. Demi afraid about her short height to break into fashion industry dominated by tall beauties, but Demi gained here stardom from last year.

The camera and striking a pose - Demi Rose, British model

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Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited. Many bring magnets or postcards. The media decided to help travelers and advised the most significant things that you can give to yourself or your family.

From Italian Florence, you can bring a piece of leather : a bag, a laptop case, a strap. It is best to look for souvenirs in the market of San Lorenzo.

Souvenirs remind us of places we have visited

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Crazy beauty trend of Wavy Lips

After all, the fashion world is slowly but surely conquering a new trend — wavy lips. And it all started with the fact that on her page in Instagram a cosmetologist named Lexington published a photo of an unusual make-up lip, saying that there is a new fashion trend in the world. Despite the fact that after a while the girl confessed that the lips were processed in a special program, photos of a new unusual make-up began to appear on the Internet.

Crazy beauty trend of Wavy Lips

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Pink and Slaty lake |Incredible Lakes Of The Altai Territory, Russia

Pink lake in the Altai, Russia Legends were made about the lakes with crimson waters, many also knew about its medicinal properties, but it was not possible to reach it at that time. Today, everyone can visit the Altai Territory and admire the beauties of such an unusual natural phenomenon as a pink lake in Russia.

There are several lakes with pink waters in the Altai Territory. Their incredible shade, they all owe a special kind of small phytoplankton crustaceans that inhabit the lake. They produce an enzyme, due to which the color of water becomes crimson. The waters of pink lakes have healing properties due to the high concentration of salts.

The salt lakes of Altai Krai are the one of the “must-see” places in Russia

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Illumination map of US waterways

Our planet is creating with huge work of art. Its landscapes is very amazing and creative. From a bird’s-eye view, water systems resemble huge snakes that twist between fields and forests.

Inspired by the art of Earth, one creative user of the Instructables website AlexT9 got the idea to create his own DIY waterway map [Do it yourself], illuminated with a brilliant blue resin. The map of waterways depicts all the US rivers with their tributaries. The design of the card resembles a venous system, since it is illuminated in blue using a special resin.

Illumination map of US waterways

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Bollywood Instagram — Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline Fernandez, 32 years old Sri Lankan actress, model and winner of 2006 Miss Sri Lanka or Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant. Jacqueline also worked as a television reporter in Sri Lanka but currently active in indian Cinemas. Beautiful and tall actress now days love to increase her followers on social media specially in Instagram. According to her filmography is Jacqueline done 17 movies in Bollywood but didnt become a brand actress.

Jacqueline Fernandez Instagram Pics

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10 popular girls who became millionaires thanks to Instagram!

If you want to earn thousands of dollars !  just take your pictures, without hesitation you would. Well that’s exactly what these girls do to live, and you have to say: they live quite well !, since their income is millionaires thanks to its beauty has been a very attractive business, and practically without leaving home, because alone just take a good picture and upload on to Instagram so that the dollars begin to arrive from your roof just clicking….

These are the ten girls with the biggest followers on Instagram, which of course is reflected in their income …

The 10 polular girls, who became millionaires thanks to Instagram!

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Harrod Blank’s Van covered with Camera

Californian Artist Harrod Blank had a dream, he travels down the street in the bus , and want to know more about  the side scenes and passers expressions. Blank decided to make a dream come true. The company friends-enthusiasts built the bus for two years and finally in 1995 the van left the garage, and Harrod Blank make a small tour from California to New York, yes the van is loaded with camera all across the exterior shell and capturing shorts  of every angles.

Harrod Blank's Van covered with Camera

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Rodrigo Alves after 58 Surgery

The Brazilian Rodrigo Alves has a very interesting life story. Briefly it can be described in one sentence: “What is fanaticism and how to deal with it.” Probably, in his childhood he revised the Disney cartoons or his parents gave him too many Barbie and Ken. Growing up, the man decided to turn himself into a living doll. He has done many experiments with his body.

Rodrigo suffered from plus 50 plastic surgeries for seventeen long years. Rodrigo Alves has treated with 42 operations to look like ‘Barbie’s Ken’. Rodrigo has operated ten nose jobs, appropriate  butt lift, silicone chest implanting, no 6 pack he has eight pack abs and hair implants. “Rodrigo Alves is a Human Ken Doll” Rodrigo Alves is known for his plastic surgeries and massive changing of his body style. For what? Now he is exactly like his plastic idol. But everything is in order.

Rodrigo Alves after 58 plastic surgery

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Pretty 16-year-old Tilan Blondo | In the age of 6 she was awarded for the title of the most beautiful girl in the world

Beauty Tilan Blondo at a young age recognized as the most beautiful girl in the world. And it’s not surprising: with such and such attractive parents! Footballer Patrick Blondo and actress Veronica Lubri from childhood noticed the talent of their daughter and began to develop it. Baby started to conquer the modeling world in 4 years. Yes, when you were still playing peacefully in the sandbox, this crumb had already earned money.

Pretty 16-year-old Tilan Blondo | In age of 6 she was awarded for the title of the most beautiful girl in the world

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