Amazing miniature bar by Michael Long

The artist Michael Long from Santa Barbara, California, manufactures miniature dioramas of the favorite haunts of the area, with wood, paper, glass, incandescent lighting, and paint with acrylic paints.

These tiny, highly-detailed handmade works began in the 1990s, when Long worked at Elsie’s Tavern.

Amazing miniature bar by Michael Long
Michael Long miniature art

“Elsie’s”, “Pickle Room” and “Mercury Lounge” are part of Long’s ongoing line-up of artworks, depicting the interior and exterior of buildings. “I like to do things that are bitter and worn out,” he says. “So trying to make something beautiful or decorated becomes a real challenge. I like the darker side of things. “


Describing how he works, Long says the hardest part is getting started. “Once I get started, I can do it pretty quickly.” The beginning is often by sketching the room. From there, each box-bar takes about 24 hours to complete.


About 90% of each miniature is made by hand, and also uses miniature objects by other artists.


Source | Atlas Obscura

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