Pip The Gentleman | British Model who began his modeling career only after 50 years

Pip The Gentleman

If you thought that being a model is a young thing, then you are mistaken. A mature Englishman managed to become a sought-after model after 50 years.

Pip The Gentleman, Britsh Model who began his modeling career only after 50 years

“Hi, my name is Pip, I teach young people on the Huddersfield Trust Program. I’ve been doing modeling business for 4 years and started work shortly before my 50th birthday. I never had any plans or desires to become a model, especially in my age. It just happened. Two students from Huddersfield approached me who made a magazine for a middle-aged fashion gentleman and offered to work. I reluctantly agreed. I see this as an opportunity to have some fun, be creative and make some money ” ebe Pip.


Source | Instagram

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