The Space Station in front of the Sun

Like a dot, the International Space Station (ISS), in front of the giant Sun, looks like it was photographed at the right time, in which his orbit was right in front of him. The unbelievable and rare picture was taken by photographer Rayney Colacurcio from a beach in Washington. In fact, NASA chose it as an astronomy image of the day .

The Space Station in front of the Sun

Photo Credit Rainee Colacurcio

“It’s not a sunblock. It is the International Space Station as it passes in front of the Sun, “said Colacurcio, one of” the largest and most sophisticated mechanisms ever created by mankind. “


Photo Credit Rainee Colacurcio

Passing the Space Station in front of the Sun is not uncommon, as it revolves around the Earth about every 90 minutes. “Rarely is the right choice of time and equipment,” added the photographer. In fact, this great photo is a combination of two images – one with the ISS as it passes in front of the Sun, the other taken at the same time immortalizing the details of the Sun’s surface.

The resulting composite image is also unusual for how it shows that the sun has no real sunspots. These are darker patches that appear temporarily on the surface of the Sun and represent areas with relatively cooler temperatures thanks to magnetic fluxes. The number of sunspots varies depending on the solar cycle of 11 years.[Daily Mail]


Source: Daily Mail

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