Unique Tentacle Leggings by Daniel Struzyna

This time designer Daniel Struzyna surprised the public with pantyhose with octopus tentacles, which she creates with her own hands. Dressed in these amazing tights, you can in two accounts become Ursula from the Little Mermaid or just stand out from the crowd.

The demand was so great that the designer sold the original batch in his ETSY shop in a matter of days.

1. Daniel started to create unusual tights 3 years ago.

Unique Tentacle Leggings by Daniel Struzyna

2. “The main source of inspiration was my friend. I decided to make her an interesting Christmas present, because I knew how much she loved the little mermaid Ariel.”


3. “At that moment I did not have thoughts about selling something similar on the Internet, since the process of their manufacture took a lot of time.”


4. “But as soon as I put out photos of new tights“ Mermaid ”, the Internet just went crazy, so I started creating this model for sale in the store,” says the girl.


5. These amazing tights have received many positive ratings and words of appreciation from girls from around the world.


6. “The idea of ​​creating tights with tentacles was inspired by the villain from the Little Mermaid – Ursula. And, as usual, I did not expect that new tights would become a hit on the Internet,” says Daniel.


7. Not only their design is unique. These tights are a real exclusive because the designer creates each pair by hand without any help.


8. All materials are selected individually and taking into account the wishes of customers, so two identical pairs of tights do not exist.


9. “I can’t stop wondering how many people want to have tights with tentacles. Maybe it’s because they aren’t mass produced? In addition, I always try to find materials of the highest quality and continue to improve their design,” says the designer.


10. Let’s wish Daniel good luck and new ideas for creativity.


11. Tell us in the comments, would you like to become the owner of a couple of such unusual tights, and where would you go in them? 😉




Source — Boredpanda | Demilked | Designyoutrust |

More info: ETSY | Facebook Image credits: tinkercast

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