Nature Vegetate in Tehran’s | Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti

Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti was born in Ahwaz during the early years of the Islamic Revolution and grew up during the Iran-Iraq war. Her personal memories of that era influenced her in the ” Home ” series of photography she made in 2017, and she looks at her lens with what she does after moving people and abandoning their homes.

In the photos, the large abandoned spaces are filled with abundant plants, highlighting the richness of their human absence.

Nature Vegetate in Tehran | Iranian photographer Gohar Dashti

“Photographs reveal the power of nature to conquer a building,” says Dashti, who chose places around Tehran, who are not historians but rather everyday, and abandoned because of social problems. Like the house of her neighbor, abandoned by the family during the war, leaving a fern on the porch, which flashed “and as she was left alone, she conquered the whole house.”


Some images highlight the power of unceasingly expanding nature and emphasize Dashti’s personal connections with her country and nature. “People are transient, while nature is steady. It will be here for a long time, since we will all leave, “he concludes.


Source — Thisiscolossal

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