Hilde Osland | The ideal of feminine beauty

Hilde Osland is recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. It is called – the ideal of female beauty. The girl has a really good looks, in which there are no flaws, and her proportions are perfect.

Hilde Osland | The ideal of feminine beauty

The Norwegian model, the singer, the participant of television shows, currently lives in Australia. Hilde Osland now proudly bears the title of “the ideal of feminine beauty.” She is recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, whose figure and face is considered perfect.

The girl is from Norway. The first time they heard about her 8 years ago in 2011, when she appeared at the vocal competition Idol Norway. But remember her not because of the voice, but because of the stunning appearance.


Today, Hilda is very popular. She is known both at home and around the world. Once she didn’t even have an Instagram account, but after the woman gained fame, she started it to share fresh photos with her fans. Now she has almost 1.4 million subscribers on Instagram.


A native of Norway is not as young as it seems. She was born in 1987. She studied in Australia, where she remained to live. She is an economist by education. However, I have never seen myself in this field of activity. She decided to become a singer, but she didn’t win in the vocal competition because her vocals were not so strong. But this was enough to “light up.”


Since then, Hilda has been working on the Internet, making commercials, keeping her Instagram and YouTube channel.


Oddly enough, but the girl is not at all skinny. With a growth of 165 centimeters, it weighs 60 kilograms. She does not sit on diets and does not particularly follow the diet. Everything she does to keep herself in shape is actively involved in sports. Because of this lifestyle, Hilda has magnificent forms that raise her above all other slim models without outstanding forms.


Dali Hilde title “ideal of female beauty” of its subscribers. These are mostly men who are sure that this is exactly what the ideal woman should look like. In their opinion, she is the most beautiful woman on the planet.


Source | Clutch.ua | Instagram

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