Men who deserve the title of “Man of the Year”

Most women, it is extremely important that they are valued and looked after, and many men understand this. However, some representatives of the strong half of humanity lifted the bar of their skills so high that the rest can only learn from them.

Whether it’s a handmade gift or a long-awaited trip, the men on our list deserve a special reward for being cool.

1. His girlfriend’s legs ached

Men who deserve the title of "Man of the Year"

© Onat / Twitter

2. There is no one better than the guy who weaves your hair while you are undergoing chemotherapy at the hospital.Men-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_002

© kkanders15 / reddit

3. He repaired the pantry while his girls were gone.


© farmthis / imgur

4. This guy with his own hands built a fortress of pillows for his beloved


© NDagniels / imgur

5. “I will care about the skin of my girl when she falls down from exhaustion”


© Shanika Silverio / Twitter

6. This girl got the opportunity to mingle with meerkats from her birthday boyfriendMen-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_006

© Helloimbecky / reddit

7. “My girlfriend likes to paint her nails, it relaxes her. I hope it will be a good surprise after another hard day at the office. ”Men-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_007

© unknown / imgur

8. His wife went over a few, so he made her a bed with blankets and pillows right by the porcelain throne. He also did not forget about socks, water, nasal spray and even hair elastic.


© pgledger / reddit

9. After 7 years of relationship, this guy made a surprise during a ski holiday and made an offer at an altitude of 3,100 m!


© sagelface / reddit

10. He made an artificial fireplace for his girlfriend because she wanted to hang Christmas stockings somewhere


© TheDoctorwholived / imgur

11. When you take care of your wife and cat and sit still when they fall asleep on you


© meckelangelo / reddit

12. This guy made a bouquet of paper flowers for his wife to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.Men-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_012

© hariraja / imgur

13. Sushi pillow made by her boyfriend


© legend_of_zoe / reddit

14. “I spent a whole year saving for this vacation. My girlfriend is in the shower … I hope she likes breakfast. ”Men-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_014

© PlanetoftheAtheists / reddit

15. “My boyfriend did Squirtla. He is not very pleased with him, but I think he is cute. ”


© transatlanticcrochet / reddit

16. “He made me an offer, putting this collar on my cat when I left the room. I can not imagine a better man “


© hwell / reddit

17. Does your wife love bacon more than flowers? Then make her a bouquet of bacon roses, like this guy did.


© Notmybestusername3 / imgur

18. He baked a cake for his beloved birthday. And it was the first cake he ever made!


© piebunny / reddit

19. This guy left specifically to bring home a new family member.


© FauxPorcelain / reddit

20. I made my wife’s birthday eggs from Game of ThronesMen-who-deserve-the-title-o-Man-of-the-Year_020

© huffdogg / imgur

And how did your half surprise you? We can not wait to learn about it from the comments! Photo on Onat / Twitter preview

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