The Giant Hands ‘Build Bridges’ | Venice Art Biennale 2019

Renowned artist Lorenzo Quinn, on the occasion of the Art Biennale of Venice in 2019, he presented his latest project, entitled «Building bridges».

His former artistic installation again had as a central theme the hands that supported Venice . A message about climate change.

The Giant Hands ‘Build Bridges’ | Venice Art Biennale 2019 ≈ His new sculpture is about people’s relationships and feelings. It consists of six pairs of hands, each of which represents one of the six universal essential values ​​of life: friendship, wisdom, help, faith, hope, and love.

lorenzo quinn joins giant hands to 'build bridges' during venice art biennale 2019

The idea behind the project is to invite the world to overcome its differences, to build a better tomorrow along with others.

The facility, which is 20 meters wide and 15 meters high, even resembles the famous bridges that characterize the city.

The artist commented that “Venice is a city of world heritage and is the city of bridges. It is the ideal location to spread a message of global unity and peace so that most of us, all over the world, build bridges with others rather than walls and dams. “



The first pair of hands symbolizes the concept of friendship and shows two hands touching softly, but their firm connection forms a symmetrical image – expressing a state of trust and support.

The value of wisdom is transferred using an old hand and a new one, pointing to the idea of ​​the transition of knowledge from one generation to another.

Help is shown by two linked hands, symbolizing both empathy and understanding in a state of physical, emotional and moral support that builds lasting relationships.


The concept of faith appears with a tiny hand that holds the fingers of the parents in a blank sign of faith, while it is a reminder of the responsibility.

Hope is presented as the initial union of fingers that represent optimism for the future. And finally, love is expressed by closely linked fingers that indicate the intensity of passionate engagement.

The physical manifestation of a situation that is fundamental to all of us.

Source | Designboom