The largest bird sculpture in the world | Jatayu Rock

Jatayu the mid center of earth, it is also called Jatayu Rock. Jatayu Nature Park is located in Jatayumangalam town, Kollam district of Keral, India. The amazing work took 10 years to complete, and is the creation of the famous Indian artist Rajiv Anchal . The gigantic sculpture is 61 meters long, 46 meters wide, 21 meters high and occupies an area of ​​14,000 square meters.

The world’s largest bird sculpture where the mythical Jatayu is said to have fallen from the sky. Inside it lies a digital museum, a 6D theater and other technological wonders.

The largest bird sculpture in the world | Jatayu Rock

The first phase of the park will also have an adventure zone with more than 20 games on offer. Also on the cards are an ayurvedic and siddha resort and a cable car system.

At Jatayu Earth Center , in Kerala, is the largest bird sculpture in the world. It is a creature inspired by the mythology of India.


World’s Largest Bird Sculpture ‘Jatayu’

Source — Designyoutrust | Wikipedia | Outlookindia

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