Abandoned Dream Park By Ying Yin

Chinese photographer Ying Yin , from Shanghai, immortalized the park called “America Dream Park” and was a symbol of fun for children 25 years ago. “Many thematic parks appeared in China in 1990, but most of them closed after just ten years of operation or less because of their mismanagement,” Ying says. For her she was a symbol of her childhood, as her parents went there to play and entertain.

Abandoned Dream Park By Ying Yin

It was the first entertainment center in China. As it informs us, this was the first theme park in China, which opened in 1996 and closed only five years later. It is located in the countryside, away from the city center. “In 2012, a friend told me that the place was abandoned and that the buildings had not been demolished. Being somewhat obsessive with the abandoned places, I wanted to photograph it. For me, these parts are part of the history and memories of a city, so they are important, “Ying explains.


Source | Fubiz


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