Miss Russia | The most beautiful girls in the country, Now how they look and what they do?

More than 30 years have passed since the first beauty contest in our country, and we still love to watch this show and follow titled winners. Which of the girls cut off the long curls, repainted blonde, increased his lips and began to make contouring – look in our complete selection of beauties of the country.

Maria Kalinina, “Moscow Beauty – 1988″The era of Miss Russia | The most beautiful girls in the country, Now how they look and what they do?

The first beauty contest in the USSRMoscow Beauty” was held in 1988. The winner then became a 16-year-old metropolitan schoolgirl Maria Kalinina. Now the girl lives in America and works as a kundalini yoga trainer in her own studio. After so many years, the recognized beauty still looks good and noticeable that she does not abuse “injections of beauty”.

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Julia Sukhanova, “Miss USSR -1989″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-002Photo | Source

A year after “Moscow Beauty”, the all-Union beauty contest “Miss USSR” appeared. The most beautiful girl was then recognized as a 17-year-old tenth grader from Moscow, Yulia Sukhanova. She, like Maria Kalinina, moved to the USA and became involved in business. However, it doesn’t look so good: there is a constant sad grimace on the face, probably due to a generous dose of fillers.

Maria Kezha, “Miss USSR – 1990″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-003Photo | Source

In 1990, the title “Miss USSR” was won by a 17-year-old student from Vitebsk Maria Kezha. Now the girl is engaged in the creation of bags of her own brand Masha Keja and looks great: the same beautiful smile and cheerful look.

Ilmira Shamsutdinova, “Miss USSR – 1991″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-004Photo | Source

She was Ilmira Shamsutdinova from Saratov. Her modeling career was better than the rest: she collaborated with Gucci, Versace, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. Now the ex-miss lives in Moscow and brings up two children. By the way, Ilmira looks amazing: all the same dark thick hair, outlined cheekbones and expressive eyes. Surprisingly, the past 28 years have had little effect on her.

Anna Baychik, “Miss Russia – 1993miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-005Photo | Source

After the collapse of the USSR, the competition was renamed and returned only in 1993. The first owner of the title “Miss Russia” – 16-year-old St. Petersburg woman Anna Baychik. Now she teaches the basics of journalistic creativity at St. Petersburg University. The ex-Miss repainted into a blonde is practically unrecognizable, and she also succumbed to fashion on thin eyebrows, and it’s a pity, because the girl with natural eyebrows looked like Brooke Shields.

Inna Zobova, “Miss Russia – 1994″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-006Photo | Source

In 1994, the winner of the beauty contest was Inna Zobova from Khimki. The girl graduated from Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov, and then went to Paris, where she participated in shows Yves Saint Laurent, Hermes, Givenchy and many others. In addition, the Russian top model has become the face of the famous brand Wonderbra and scarf designer. Now Inna lives in France with her boyfriend Bruno Aveian, a French photographer and director. Note that, in our opinion, “Miss Russia – 1994” only grew prettier with age.

Elmira Tuyusheva, “Miss Russia – 1995″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-007Photo | Source

In 1995, Elmira Tuyusheva, a student at the Faculty of Cybernetics from Obninsk, won the title. After the victory, the girl tried herself in the modeling business and cinema (even starred in Andrei Konchalovsky’s film “Glyanets”). The girl married Vladislav Metreveli and bore him a son. And Elmira looks like she was not 24 years old.

Elena Rogozhina, “Miss Russia – 1997″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-008Photo | Source

In 1997, 16-year-old Elena Rogozhina from the Samara Region received the honorary title, and in 1999 the girl became the winner of the Miss Europe contest. Recognized by all the beauty went to America to work in a modeling agency and lost sight of. In the last photo that we could find, Elena looks just as good.

Anna Malova, “Miss Russia – 1998″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-009Photo | Source

In 1998, Anna Malova still won the crown of “Miss Russia“, which she has sought since 1993. Like many winners, after the contest, Anna moved to the United States in search of a better life. And this didn’t quite work out for her: the ex-Miss was sentenced to compulsory treatment for drug addiction after her failed counterfeiting of prescriptions. The recognized beauty looks appropriate: exhausted and not very happy.

Oksana Fedorova, “Miss Russia – 2001″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-010Photo | Source

One of the most famous winners of the competition – Oksana Fedorova – received the title “Miss Russia” in 2001. Later, she won the Miss Universe crown. Now Oksana is the lead, actress, wife and mother of two children. And we add age to her only to face: the girl looks great in 41.

Svetlana Koroleva, “Miss Russia – 2002″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-011Photo | Source

In 2002, 19-year-old Svetlana Koroleva from Petrozavodsk won. In the same year, the Russian woman won the title “Miss Europe“. Now she works in the field of modeling business and owns a brand coat. Svetlana, of course, has changed, but an open beautiful smile and blond hair remained with her. Looks like she mastered contouring and bright eyebrow makeup.

Victoria Lopyreva, “Miss Russia – 2003″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-012Photo | Source

The title “Miss Russia 2003″ belongs to Victoria Lopyreva, who is now so popular in Russia. Ex-Miss is known for her love of Kylie Jenner’s filler and make-up.

Diana Zaripova, “Miss Russia – 2004″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-013Photo | Source

In 2004 she became Diana Zaripova from Naberezhnye Chelny. After the victory, the girl received a higher education, married and had two children. After 15 years, Diana looks just as good and even better: strange smoky eyes changed to normal, and brown lips turned pink.

Alexandra Ivanovskaya, “Miss Russia – 2005″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-014Photo | Source

The title “Miss Russia 2005″ won Alexander Ivanovskaya from Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Like many contestants, the girl did not continue her modeling career. Instead, the ex-miss became a hair stylist.

Tatyana Kotova, “Miss Russia – 2006″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-015Photo | Source

The contest won Tatyana Kotova from the Rostov region. Many people know her for work in the group “Via Gra” from 2008 to 2010, then the girl began her solo career. To be honest, we didn’t recognize Tatyana on a 13-year-old photo: after the contest, the ex-Miss clearly increased her lips, grew wide eyebrows and repainted in a darker color. We can not say that she does not go, but the changes are dramatic.

Ksenia Sukhinova, “Miss Russia – 2007″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-016Photo | Source

In 2007, she won Ksenia Sukhinova from Tyumen. A year later, the girl becomes the “Miss World.” Ksenia worked as a model in New York and Europe, starred in the videos of Dima Bilan and was the face of the Valentin Yudashkin jewelry collection. She is now the face of L’Oréal Professionnel. And Ksenia looks all the same great, both with makeup and without.

Sofia Rudneva, “Miss Russia – 2009″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-017Photo | Source

The winner in 2009 was the St. Petersburg Sophia Rudneva. True, not without a scandal: during the competition, an erotic photo session with the participation of a girl surfaced, but this did not affect the victory. Now the girl is extremely rare somewhere appears and does not even lead social networks. As for external changes, Sophia only changed her hair – she shortened her hair to a fashionable bean.

Irina Antonenko, “Miss Russia – 2010”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-018Photo | Source

“Miss Russia -2010″ – Irina Antonenko from Ekaterinburg. The girl decided to leave the modeling career and took up the acting. Nine years have passed, Irina has not changed much. Only she now has an elongated bean and a slightly different eyebrow shape.

Natalya Gantimurova, “Miss Russia – 2011″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-019Photo | Source

The most beautiful woman in Russia in 2011 was Natalya Gantimurova from Chelyabinsk. The girl is actively involved in sports, traveling and sometimes goes to the Russian podiums. Like many girls after the victory, Natalia made a bob haircut and has wide eyebrows. Natalya is a little like herself, but still beautiful.

Elizaveta Golovanova, “Miss Russia – 2012”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-020Photo | Source

The title in 2012 was given to Elizaveta Golovanova from the Smolensk Region. I remember the girl all thanks to the luxurious long hair, like the Disney princess Rapunzel. Elizabeth recently turned 25 years old, she is not yet married and works, based on her signature on Instagram, as a lawyer. After the victory, the girl did not follow the example of the former beauties and left long curls. We want to note that no surgical interventions, apparently, Elizabeth did not have that commendable.

Elmira Abdrazakova, “Miss Russia – 2013”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-021Photo | Source

In 2013, Elmira Abdrazakova from Kazakhstan won the competition. Now she is studying at the University of the RANEPA and often goes to social events. The life of the most beautiful girl in 2013 is followed by almost 100 thousand people on Instagram. For six years, the girl matured and became more beautiful than before.

Yulia Alipova, “Miss Russia – 2014”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-022Photo | Source

In 2014, the crown of “Miss Russia” was put on by Yulia Alipova from Balakovo. After the competition, the girl did not continue her modeling career, but decided to try herself in a profession by education, that is, in the energy sector. Many were accused of Julia appealing to a plastic surgeon before the competition, but the information was not confirmed. Now the girl looks exactly the same as five years ago.

Sofia Nikitchuk, “Miss Russia – 2015″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-023Photo | Source

Miss Russia in 2015 became Sophia Nikitchuk from Ekaterinburg. After the victory, the girl continued her modeling career and even began acting. More recently, Sofia took a job in the State Duma R. F., becoming an assistant deputy. For four years, the girl has changed, but only because she began to paint differently.

Yana Dobrovolskaya, “Miss Russia – 2016”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-024Photo | Source

The winner of the contest “Miss Russia – 2016″ became Yana Dobrovolskaya from Tyumen. The girl is studying at the Tyumen State College of Art at the choreographer. Most recently, Yana opened the course “The Development of Uniqueness for Girls” in her hometown. During this short time, the girl managed to grow up and prettier.

Polina Popova, “Miss Russia – 2017”miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-025Photo | Source

In 2017, the title “Miss Russia” was given to Polina Popova from Yekaterinburg. The girl before the beauty contest has already worked as a model in Europe and even in Asia, so the young lady knows a little Chinese and actively teaches it. Now the life of Miss Polina is followed by 66 thousand subscribers on Instagram, where she regularly uploads selfies. For two years, Polina has not changed at all – just as beautiful as she was.

Yulia Polyachikhina, “Miss Russia – 2018″miss_russia_the_most_beautiful_girls_in_the_country_now_how_they_look_and_wha_they_do-026Photo | Source

Last year, the most beautiful girl in the country was named Yulia Polyachikhina from Chuvashia. The girl studies as a journalist, has been working as a model for several years and is not going to stop at this. In our opinion, Julia slightly raised her lips with the help of fillers. Plus, the girl began to make a more “hard” make-up in the style of Instagram.

Photo: Getty images , Legion media , TASS; Anatoly Morkovkin , Valery Khristoforov and Alexander Chumichev / TASS; Anatoly Morkovkin , Gennady Khamelyanin / TASS; Morkovkin Anatoly / TASS; Denisov Roman / TASS; Nikitin Nikolay / TASS; Anton Denisov / TASS; Konstantin Kizhel / TASS; Sergey Vinogradov / TASS; Marat Abulkhatin / TASS; Alexey Nikolsky / TASS; Vyacheslav Prokofiev / TASS; Anna Salynskaya / TASS; Grigory Sysoev / TASS; Andrey Yepikhin / TASS , Instagram [Source | Cosmo.ru]

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