19 examples of amazing design solutions that deserve a round of applause

19 examples of amazing design solutions that deserve a round of applause

Creative design can make the world around more amazing and more convenient. Well, or at least make you smile, and this is also a lot. Reddit users have shared their discoveries of great design solutions. How do you like a miracle plaster in which you can walk in the shower, or a house turned into a forest?

Photo combine :1 Moronicon 2 kaku60xyz

19 examples of amazing design solutions that deserve a round of applause

This canned tuna cans in the shape of a fish19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-002Photo: papa_snek

Door to the toilet with an additional door for children19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-003Photo: dragotiger

LEGO-arm19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-004Photo: eazymoney68

Lamps in the form of deer19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-005Photo: kaku60xyz

Shade piano19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-006Photo: Eradoriux

When the rubber is erased, the words “replace the tire” become visible.19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-007Photo: tommmau5

Only a bright head could come up with this ladder.19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-008Photo: Far_Influence

Advertising hours in public transport in Dubai19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-009Photo: Moronicon

Tuxedo in the box will help to make a beautiful selfie and not get dirty19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-010Photo: pwenski

The letter “i” on the pizza logo in the form of a man carrying a pizza19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-011Photo: Jetnoh_666

This is a meat packers sweatshirt.19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-012Photo: dpidg

Wet floor. Be careful not to slip!19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-013Photo: WhyDoesEveryoneHave

Social advertising, built on an optical illusion. Calls to take animals from a shelter19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-014Photo: NotJ3st3r

Road banner dedicated to safe driving19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-015Photo: Igoruuuu

Residential complex “Vertical Forest“, Milan19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-016Photo: j-trib

Mirror-glasses19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-017Photo: Papacookie

Bench with “roots”, North Korea19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-018Photo: kaku60xyz

A woman made herself a cast on a 3D print so that you can take a shower in it.19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-019Photo: kaku60xyz

Not everyone loves to communicate with sellers. Red basket – consultation is required, black – the help is not necessary.19_examples_of_amazing_design_solutions_that_deserve-a_round_of_applause-020Photo: N-Rico

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