Barivel the longest cat in the world


Leaving this pretty domestic cat, you can not close the door on lock and not be afraid of robbers. Since it is not a cat in appearance, but a live cabinet with ears and a tail. After the blog post of smallest cat in the world, we find the longest cat in world.

Meet this Barivel! Maine Coon from the Italian city of Vigevano

Meet this Barivel! Maine Coon from the Italian city of Vigevano

May 22, 2018, it was officially placed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest domestic cat.

Name: Barivel.

Year of birth: 2016.

Country: Italy.

Breed: Maine Coon.

Status: The longest domestic cat of the planet Earth!

Length: 120 centimeters (3 feet and 11.2 inches).


The length of this keg is 120 centimeters!


Even among healthy Maine Coons, he looks overgrown.


The hosts of Barivel, Chinzia Tinnirello and Edgar Skandurr, suggested that a giant would grow from this kitten.


But they hardly thought the baby would glorify them.


Barivel himself is not too enthusiastic about such attention to his person. He is still a shy.


He is more interested in the standard cat affairs: to dream of high


Lie in the sink (you can with a friend)


Ask for food. And this he does very well – with such a size!


Prevent the owners from working, even lying overlapping the entire laptop screen.


Get on some shelf and push everything out.


… and feel like a king. According to the owners, Barivel builds himself to be a very important person.


And Barivel loves to ride in a pram. Yes, he is rather lazy cat.


This he surprises all passersby!


“Hey man! Cookies, chicken, fish to eat? “


The name of the cat, according to the hostess, means “clown” or “joker.” And it is perfect for him.


“Chef, touch! I’m going to the arrow with ten Dobermans. Small next to stand “


By the way, Barivel is only three years old, and the Maine Coons grow to four.


And this video is dedicated to Barivel – the longest domestic cat in the world.

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