The most exotic massages in the world


The art of massage is so ancient that, it seems, people have always been doing it.

With the help of mechanical effects on the body they cured diseases, expelled evil spirits, attracted luck and, of course, brought pleasure. And today, with the opportunity to travel and discover new things, massage has also become a peculiar kind of extreme tourism. See how weird “massage services” are available in different countries of the world.

The most exotic massages in the world | If you are curious enough and willing to pay for unusual (and not always pleasant) sensations, you can experience these exotic types of massage on your own back.

Python Massage


Do not like snakes? You just are not close enough with them. In the zoo Cebu City Zoo in the Philippines are able to instill a love for reptiles or scare to stutter. They provide an unusual service: massage with pythons. For a fee of 10-15 minutes, the daredevil spends on a bamboo mat, in the cold embraces of four huge snakes. In order not to embrace the cuddles in the stage of eating food, animals are tentatively fed 10 chickens per brother. So the reptiles are imposingly and extremely reluctant to make any movements. And yet extreme.

Elephant massage


High pumped up massage therapists with gentle hands make the hearts of many girls beat at a bashfully accelerated pace. What about a masseur weighing 3 tons? In Chiang Mai (Thailand) live specially trained elephants. Let them have no certificate of completion of medical courses, but they are trained to easily “press” on lying tourists and tickle them with their trunk. Professionals.

Knife massage


Budget entertainment for courageous tourists in Taiwan: for a modest reward of $ 3, you are “massaged” with big knives for meat for 10 minutes. Ground up. Sharp side. But at the same time they will tell you that Asia has been practicing knife massage in Asia for more than 2 thousand years, and that this procedure is designed to expel all negative energy from the body (having frightened her with arms) and increase blood pressure. In the last – willingly believe.

Slap massage


Getting a slap is always insulting. But not in Thailand. They believe that an accurate, skillfully struck palm strike can rejuvenate the “patient” for almost 20 years. Just need to beat correctly.

Face massage with bird droppings


Do you know why geisha skin has always been distinguished by youth and porcelain whiteness? All thanks to the massage bird droppings. Well, and an impressive layer of white and powder, of course. Japanese beauties believed that if you massage the products of the nightingale into the skin with massage movements, it will moisturize it, speed up the process of regeneration and make the face lighter.

Tickling massage


It would seem tickling annoying. But Isabel Aires (Isabel Aires), practicing a unique massage technique in Cosquille Arte Spa (Madrid), is convinced of the opposite. According to her, properly dosed tickling has a relaxing effect. And many spa clients confirm this hypothesis.

Massage cacti


Those who are lucky enough to relax at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita (Mexico) can try out exotic cactus massage on their own priceless skin. Do not rush to painfully wrinkle: needles are first removed from plants. Not acupuncture. But the cactus, due to the unique property of retaining and accumulating moisture, will wonderfully moisturize human skin.

Snail massage


Why? As for a Russian, a foreigner is exotic.

Massage with brooms


Another hello from Asian cosmetologists, which you can experience for yourself even in our latitudes. The essence of the process to obscenity is simple: huge African snails are planted on the face and body of the client (more often the client), who leisurely crawl, leaving slippery traces. These traces are the main benefits of “massage”. Snail mucus significantly accelerates skin regeneration. So the procedure is shown not only to those who want to rejuvenate, but also in the treatment of post-acne and burns. No wonder the snail secret has become such a popular ingredient in Asian grooming cosmetics.

Hot pancake massagethe_most_exotic_massages_in_the_world-011

This procedure is certainly much nicer than the previous one. And she has an author – masseur Yvette Chiang (Yvette Chiang), although an unusual technique has already been picked up by many colleagues. The essence is clear from the name: the body of a relaxed client is massaged with fresh, hot, piping hot pancakes. Massage and aromatherapy – 2 in 1. Yvette is convinced that this way you can get rid of fatigue, remove toxins and excess fluid from the body. And also increase body temperature.

Fire massagethe_most_exotic_massages_in_the_world-012

This is what really increases body temperature. In China, this service is very common. They believe that wrapping with a burning cloth impregnated with a special oil composition protects against colds and flu. And also burns excess weight. Literally. The main thing is that the procedure is painless. (Source)

Source  | Telgraf

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