Hyper Realistic Paintings | Christiane Vleugels

Hyper Realistic Paintings | Christiane Vleugels

The Belgian artist Christiane Vleugels, from childhood, loved to draw everything she saw around.

When Christian was twelve years old, her parents decided to send her to study at the Academy of Arts. As a result, she received an art education, mastered all the necessary knowledge of drawing and sculpture …

Hyper Realistic Paintings | Christiane Vleugels

When Christian was seventeen years old, she decided to try her luck in the city of Antwerp (in Belgium). As a result, she stayed there to create advertising, decorative and other drawings. Still later, the artist was in the Royal Academy of Antwerp, where she honed the technique of oil painting.

Here, in Antwerp, Christian began to improve her ability to paint in oils. According to the artist herself, even the time that she spent copying the paintings of past masters and getting pennies for it was not in vain; in return, she received invaluable experience and time allowing her to develop her own unique style.

In 1986, Christiane Vleugels married and went to live in Cologne (in Germany), where she stayed for about six years. In the last two years of stay in Cologne, her paintings have been constantly exhibited at the famous exhibition “Gallery of Fine Arts.”


Source | Christianevleugels.com

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