Lilli Luxe lost modelling jobs

Lilli Luxe lost modelling jobs

American plus-size model Lilli Luxe overwhelmed by a wave of criticism when she posted on Instagram her fresh photo. Subscribers did not like the fact that she had noticeably lost weight after she switched to proper nutrition and started playing sports.

Do you think Lilly made the right decision? We offer to look at some pictures of the girl before answering this question.

Lilli Luxe lost modelling jobs | Lilli Luxe is the popular name on social media, in fact her name is Nathalie Rene. She began to engage in modeling business when she was only 14 years old. By the age of 28, she managed to earn the status of one of the most famous and successful plus-size models of the world.

Lilli Luxe lost modelling jobs

Source | Instagram

In response to the dissatisfaction of fans Lilly said that she decided to lose weight for the sake of their own health. Recently, the plus-size model has often suffered from overwork, so I understood: I need to change something.

The girl switched to proper nutrition and started going to the gym. In addition, Lilly was fascinated by gymnastics. Thanks to all this, the plus-size model lost 9 kilograms, but the fans did not share this joy with her.


Source | Instagram

In addition, Lilly had to say goodbye to several modeling agencies. To be more precise, they broke their contract with her when they learned about a sudden weight loss.

However, the model is not upset! Thanks to a healthy lifestyle, she began to feel much better, the decline of energy and indisposition disappeared, there was a desire to do something.


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram

Lilly Lux began her own way to losing weight with a daily calorie count. If earlier the girl did not limit herself in tasty dishes, now she uses no more than 3500 calories per day.

Four times a week, Lilly Lux also attends a gym. And all of this is paying off.


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram


Source | Instagram

Source — L I L L I L U X E – Instagram | DailyMail


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