20 extraordinary photos that break all the known laws of physics

20 extraordinary photos that break all the known laws of physics

On one force of thought

There are photos that you look at, and only one question arises in your head: how? What is happening in such pictures is so incredible that it seems they violate all imaginable laws of physics. But it turns out that it is the knowledge of the basic rules of the physics course that allows us to do amazing things that we have previously seen only in fairy tales and films with special effects.

We have collected 20 such photos for you: you will not believe your eyes!

Photo Source © mdig

20 extraordinary photos that break all the known laws of physics

And, just a car on the wall … Stop, what?

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-002© xaftas

Mountain goats spat on your gravity

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-003© weixinyidu

Good frame

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-004© 9gag

He just wanted to climb back

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-005© 9gag

Zen stones

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-006© gravityglue

Wave conqueror

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-007© youtube

Just a ball. Just nailed

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-008© organiconcrete

Would you risk going in there?

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-009© firstclassinspections

Level 80 Gengu Player

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-010© random-good-stuff

It seems the roof has left a little20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-011© imgur

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-012© hardware

Drank some water in flight20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-013© strims

Glass physicist20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-014© cha

Two worlds20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-015© tumblr

Very comfortable stand20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-016© pleated-jeans

Weightless dog

20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-017© fubiz

You too so indulged in?20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-018© smilepost

Submarine bridge20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-019Moses Bridge, the Netherlands. © prooz

Aaaa! No … Still, ahhhh!20_extraordinary_photos_that_break_all_the_known_laws_of_physics-020© webinapage

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