“Death Cafe” in Bangkok, where customers can relax in a coffin

Visitors to the capital of Thailand can now chat in an unusual cafe surrounded by coffins and the theme of “meet your creator.” This coffee shop in Bangkok was called “Death awareness”, customers are invited to reflect on their own lives and deaths, lying in a coffin. The goal is for customers to rethink and improve their lives, this idea is based on Buddhist principles.

“Death Cafe” in Bangkok, where customers can relax in a coffin »

In the center of the cafe is a skeleton that reminds people that death is always there. In the institution you can order drinks called “death” and “pain.” To get a discount, you need to spend a few minutes in the coffin.

"Death Cafe" in Bangkok, where customers can relax in a coffin

The “Kid Mai Death Café” – literally meaning “Think New”, is kitted out with a skeleton, aptly named drinks like “death” and “painful”, and even decorated white coffins.








Source — TheSun

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