20 ingenious inventions that could only be created by us

The fantasy of our people is sometimes amazing. Perhaps the Soviet past taught them how to deftly get out of any disagreeable domestic situation, or they are simply gifted with truly unusual collective.

We will not dig into the reasons, but we will show examples of ingenious inventions. Some ideas for sure violated the law, but their authors, it seems, does not care. We warn: it will be very funny and take it like picdump!

When the conventional dryer went to a new level.

20 ingenious inventions that could only be created by us

Eh, I threw so many slippers …


When a saw is your best friend.


And the heating column is not needed!


The main thing is not to eat.


© homyak700g/pikabu

That’s the pitch! The owners of the cafe for a note.


Malchugans will find a way out of any situation.


© Overheard ChTZ (official) Chelyabinsk / vk

IT is visible from afar.


That’s where you expect to see the gasket, but not here …


© pternera/reddit

Two in one.


Now he can not worry about his safety.


© voprosy_elon_musk / Natasha Vdovina / vk

Comfort should be everywhere!


© kaktebemask / vk

This guy is just a genius.


This is how kebabs look when the weather has failed.


© Danik Lokit / vk

A harsh Russian woman sharpens knives.


© Black List | Belgorod / Anna Akulova

You never know what kind of thing one day will help you out.


© DoggyDeVito/reddit

When the doorbell broke.


© famdevil/reddit

How to get to work in the ice.


© HanVelsing / pikabu

The urn-chair does not take up much space in your house.


© Grigory Dushkin / vk

When everything is kept on one sachet …


© gonchdash / twitter

Necessity is the mother of invention. All these inventions are appeared clearly but not for a good life.

Source — Adme

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