15 Convincing evidence that the ideal female body does not exist

All women want to look beautiful, but sometimes even after exhausting training and strict diets can not achieve the expected result. Nevertheless, this is no reason to despair, in fact, in fact, there is no ideal female body.

15 Convincing evidence that the ideal female body does not exist » We collected a selection of photos of women who were tired of sacrificing something in the name of beauty. They showed how they look on the ideal pictures in Instagram and what they are in life. Must admit that these girls are delicious in any form!

Sometimes they, like the rest of the women, just want to be themselves


Cellulite is not only in women with lush forms

15 Convincing evidence that the ideal female body does not exist

Girls can be cunning, can not they?


When the angle resolves


Which of us does not have at least a small tummy?


We do not necessarily have to match the imposed ideals


And if something embarrasses you in your figure, you can always hide it neatly


These girls argue that the shortcomings should not be ashamed


Each of them is beautiful in itself


Do not try to please someone and be dressed with a needle


Eat your favorite croissants at night and not worry about the consequences


Do not sit endlessly on debilitating diets


Skip a workout when you want to lie on the couch


The main thing is to learn to love yourself as you are


Just too lazy


Surely you have often stared at some model or beauties from Instagram, dreaming about the same figure. It is easy to remember that there is no ideal female figure, and even beauty standards have something to hide.

Source — 9gag.comImgur.com

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