The only ambidextrous school in India where children write with both hands

The only ambidextrous school in India where children write with both hands » Indian school Vinna Vidini became famous for being taught to be equally fluent in both hands – children are simultaneously scribbled with the left and right hand, often in different languages. In addition, students can read and write in English, Hindi, Urdu and Sanskrit. However, despite the success of their students, the unique school is on the verge of closure because of financial problems.

The only ambidextrous school in India where children write with both hands

Singrauli, Veena Vadini School of Madhya Pradesh, India has 170 children who are able to write together with both hands. You will be surprised to know that this is not only the first but the only Ambidextrous of India (a simple and equally working school with both hands). This is very special because only 1% of the people in the world have the ability to take an equal work with both hands.


Children can do this work in 6-6 languages ​​like Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic and Roman.

The uniqueness of the children of Veena Vadini School is not just written with both hands. Yes, besides this there are many more wonders which are very easy for children of this school. At the same time, children who write simultaneously with both hands, this work should be done in Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit, Arabic and Roman- Can be done in 6 languages. Imagine, as many languages ​​as we do not know, more than two languages ​​are writing children from a small village in India with both hands.

As Kabir Ji has said that without the Guru, without knowledge can not be found. That is, whatever the disciple has given is given to all the master. So the question arises that who is the master of these wonderful children of Veena Vadini School, who has created such a unique talent inside them. So the name of the master who makes these children Ambidextrous is BP Sharma. Former army officer BP Sharma is the principal and founder of Veena Vadini School. BP Sharma ji was very impressed with the qualities of Ambidextrous (the ability to write both hands), the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad ji.


In 45-minute class, BP Sharma offer 15 minutes writing practice with both hands.

To develop rare Ambidextrous properties in the world, even in their school children B. P. Sharma started working hard on them from the beginning. He tried to write the children first hand for one month and then asked them to write left hand for the second month. After such constant efforts, when children become used to writing with both hands, then BP Sharma starts writing them together with both hands.

Talk about science, it also considers children with two hands to be more versatile than children with one hand writing. Actually, our brain is divided into two parts. The left side of the mind of the people who work with the right hand for most of their work is more active and the right side of the mind of those who work with the left hand is more active. At the same time both of the brain parts are more active in children with both hands. This is the reason why children with both hands write together are more likely to be more intelligent than normal children.


The children of Veena Wadini School speak out in a sketchy Maths table of up to 80 ‘

This is probably the reason that not all children from Singrauli’s Veena Vadini school write not only with both hands but they can write 35,000 words in 9 hours while doing this. Not only that, where the common children begin to falter in the Mathematics  tables of 17,18,19, the children of Veena Vadini school speak up to ’80’ in a fluttering manner. The future of such wonderful, incredible and wondrous children is bright. If the same other children of India are created like this, then India’s future will also be bright.






Source – Uvayu.comDailymail

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