10k rare tortoises found in a two-story house in Toliara, Madagascar

In a two-story house on the southwestern coast of Madagascar, about 10,000 rare turtles of different sizes were discovered. Neighbors reported a strange smell coming from the house, to the Environmental Protection Agency. Officers and police arrived at the site where 9888 turtles were discovered, 180 individuals were already dead. Turtles occupied the entire area of ​​the house, they floundered in their own urine and feces.

10 K rare turtles found in a two-story house in Madagascar

Nearly 10,000 turtles, of a species endangered, were discovered in a villa in Madagascar. Authorities suspect the animals would be sold in countries like China, where they are highly valued for star-shaped models on the shell.


Police officers were alerted to the unbearable odor coming from the villa in Toliara and broke the door of the home, writes National Geographic . The scene over which they seemed to be detached from a horror movie. The turtles were crammed on the floor, without much space to move, they were weak and dehydrated. In fact, of the 9,888 animals, 600 died in the first week of rescue due to dehydration or infection.

“They were in the bathroom, in the kitchen, everywhere. It was terrible, the smell overwhelmed you, “said a Madagascan cop.

Besides the nearly 10,000 live turtles, the authorities found in the villa and 180 dead animals.

The turtles, of an endangered species, have been transported to an animal shelter, where vets try to save their lives.

Three suspects were arrested in this case. Policemen suspect that they wanted to sell the turtles in China or other Asian countries, where they are highly valued for star-shaped models on the shell.

182 states in the world have banned trafficking of this species of Madagascar dwarf, endangered.






Source – National Geographic

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